Authorities Keep Mum as Rogue Landlords Release Raw Sewage to Streets

A street along Muthenya Academy in Kitengela that has always received raw sewage from a nearby estate. What you are seeing is rain water mixed with raw sewage. PHOTO KNU.


While rain is a great blessing to the people of this county, for residents of Kitengela and Ongata Rongai towns it is a period of torment.

This is the season scrupulous landlords, caretakers of estates when they shamelessly release raw sewage to the streets.

Some of the Kitengela residents we talked to blamed corruption on the vice, while they claim public health department officers charged with the task of ensuring healthy conditions of the town dwellers are part of a “rotten” system.

Instead of the fresh air that comes with rain, Peter Kyalo who is a resident of Kitengela says every time it rains a caretaker at an adjacent estate releases raw sewage to the streets.

“They do this every time it rains. We have complained to the authorities but those in charge turn deaf ears on us. We have no other place to take our grievances,” said Kyalo.

Mary Nyokabi, a businesswoman in Kitengela, says the situation in Kitengela every time it rains is catastrophic, given the fact that children play around with flowing water, and not knowing the water is laced with raw sewage.

“We heard Governor Joseph Lenku during this year’s Mashujaa Day claiming that he has put landlords who release raw sewage to open grounds on notice. It is even worse now,” said Nyokabi.

Early in the year, cholera and typhoid broke out in Ongata Rongai town in what health authorities blamed on unclean water.

The town too has unscrupulous landlords who release raw sewage to the streets when it rains in a bid to save using the money on sewer exhausters that charge between Sh10,000 to Sh15,000 to dispose of the raw sewer.

Other than raw sewer being released to the streets, residents of the town depend on water from Kiserian dam that has been declared unsafe.

Former Sholinke/Oloosirkon MCA, Daniel Kanchori, says some of the landlords are known and have standby generators so that when it rains they switch them on to pump raw sewer to the streets.

On the other hand, some people operating exhausters are also said to be disposing of raw sewage on stagnant water in open grounds in Kitengela.

County Public Health official, Sarah Sanaek, confirmed the anomaly and said it is caretaker of those estates that are involved in the vice.

“We are aware of their actions, we have taken several of them to court for pumping raw sewage to the streets every time it has rained. Some of those cases take too long to be ruled on,” said Sanaek.

She appealed to the members of the public to report such cases to her office so that they can be arrested and charged.

“Some of them do this at the wee hours of the night so that no one can notice them. But I promise we will trace all of them and take them to court,” added Sanaek.



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