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Loitokitok Autopsy Causes Rift Among County Multi-Agencies

The late Wilson Muiruri was allegedly beaten up for 15 minutes as he bled through nose, ears and mouth - Courtesy

Anxiety hangs at a home of a Loitokitok family whose son died after he was allegedly beaten up by a businessman, Writes Linet Minayo in Loitokitok.

Police in the area arrested the suspect after their son, Wilson Muiruri, 26, succumbed to injuries at the Loitokitok Sub County Hospital after two days but the local court allegedly released him without involving arresting officers.

Of curiosity, and what has even angered the local Directorate of Investigations’ officers is; “How did the local court collude with a court prosecutor to release the suspect before investigations started.”

This has dented the relationship between the DCI and the local judiciary that has forced detectives from the Nairobi to travel to Loitokitok to carry out their independent investigations.

The family said a second autopsy was expected to be done on the body of the deceased on Thursday and burial to take place on Friday as demonstrations against the alleged killing are expected to take place on Saturday.

The DCI officers from Nairobi arrived in Loitokitok town on Wednesday evening, and by Thursday morning they had interviewed five witnesses who were present at Msafiri Bar, where the deceased drunk beer on Saturday, October 5.

The Star learned that the deceased was in the company of several other youths at the bar before he allegedly lost his phone and started inquiring about its whereabouts from a bartender.

LEFT: The late Wilson Muiruri is NYS trained youth who was allegedly beaten in Loitokitok bar, Kajiado county.

Witnesses told the Nairobi investigators that after the deceased made several inquiries, the suspect, who is the proprietor of the bar, allegedly held Muiruri by the neck and waist before threw him outside at around 1 am.

Investigators were told the suspect allegedly beat up Muiruri for close to 15 minutes as he accused him of “starting several fights” at the facility before.

Other witnesses, who sought anonymity, claimed Muiruri was left bleeding from his mouth, ears, and nose, and was later taken home by one of those he was drinking together,” said he.

He further said, several hours into Sunday, October 6, a friend of Muiruri checked on him and found that the bleeding had persisted and therefore called for help to be taken to hospital.

A family friend, Caleb Ogola, told the Star on Thursday that Muiruri could not be taken for X-Ray at the Loitokitok Sub County Hospital because the nurses told them it was closed and does not operate on Sunday.

Ogola said Muiruri died while he was in a wheelchair as he was being taken for X-Ray services on Monday, October 7 at 2 pm.

Loitokitok DCIO C. I. Waithaka confirmed to the Star of what transpired at Msafiri Bar, and how he ordered for the proprietor’s arrest but distanced himself from the postmortem report prepared by a Dr Gatimu, who is a general practitioner.

But the County Health minister Esther Somoire said: “The postmortem was done by a medical officer and results handed to the family… they are however free to seek a second opinion from a consultant pathologist.”

“The hospital is open to working with all multi agencies to resolve this matter and has also pledged to pay for the private pathologist and waive any medical charges that could have been incurred by the deceased,” said the hospital’s board chairman Jonah Orumoi.

Muiruri’s father and mother, Peter Mwaura and Lucia Mbanda, respectfully, are said to have visited the mortuary at the hospital on the same day and confirmed that indeed their son has passed on.

“While the accused was in police custody, police sources claimed a secret postmortem was carried out on the deceased at the hospital. I was only picked up later to go and be told what could have killed my son,” claimed Mwaura.

Sources said the father of the deceased was picked out from a drinking den, while he was not in his senses and taken to the hospital where the postmortem was done.

DCI officers in Loitokitok confirmed on Tuesday night that the postmortem was carried out without their knowledge.

The DCI said they are equally shocked that the postmortem results indicated the deceased could have died of “intensified stomach ulcers”.

“We were shocked when this happened and when the suspect was taken to court, the prosecutor insisted that the accused had all the right to be released on bond pending further investigations,” a senior DCI officer, who also chose anonymity said.

He further said after the DCI went to court to demand that a second postmortem be done by a pathologist in the presence of family members, he allegedly claimed the magistrate declined.

“We have now requested a team of independent investigators from Nairobi to come to Loitokitok because we are not satisfied with the postmortem report and how it was rushed without the DCI officers being involved,” said a senior officer on Tuesday night.

Kajiado South Sub County Police Commander, Robert Muli confirmed the suspect was



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