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EDITORIAL: Solve These Menacing Water Crises Urgently

Looming water crisis in Pakase is now 3 three weeks' old.

Governor Joseph ole Lenku on October 1 dispatched his senior officers to inspect the flow of water that has been causing nightmares to residents downstream on Nol-Turesh River. This was the right thing to do.

Residents of Olorika and surrounding areas have been complaining of inadequate water supply, without receiving attention from the county government.

The team found out that irrigation activities upstream were diverting the water to irrigated farms, especially in Shurie area and Elengata Enkima.

The water has been diverted, denying the people downstream their share, it was established.

That complaint by residents of Olorika is, however, not new. It happened during the last regime and has been going on after Ole Lenku took office in 2017. Staff at Nol-Turesh Water Company have been reporting cases of wastage of water through illegal irrigation along their pipeline.

We have full reports of inspection done by Nol-Turesh Water Company that even gave recommendations that the county government should put a parallel pipeline of untreated water from Loitokitok to Sultan Hamud.

While we believe the governor means well for his people in terms of water distribution, he should also take seriously recommendations made by his officers to improve the distribution of water.

Nol-Turesh water is treated at the source, and it beats all purposes that such is used by individuals to irrigate their farms. This is tantamount to wastage of resources.

Residents of Makueni, who also use the water, pay their Nol-Turesh water bills in time but are not getting a regular supply because some bigwigs in Kajiado are busy irrigating their farms with treated water that they illegally connect from the main pipe.

Meanwhile, water crisis in Pakase area of Magadi Ward has hit the roof, only three weeks after the county minister visited Kajiado West.

Residents claim Lack of water is becoming more serious after a blockage of the main water intake.

They claim it occurred 3 weeks ago.




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