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Three to be Arraigned for Practising Homosexuality in Kajiado

Police in Kajiado are handling a rare case of homosexuality between three adult men, one of them a teacher in a local school.

Two young adults based in Mombasa, according to details obtained at Kajiado Police Station, indicate they travelled from Mombasa on Friday night to Kajiado where they were received by their date.

Their date, according to a police report released to the Star on Monday, is a local teacher who befriended one of the Mombasa males on Facebook.

The matter that was recorded as OB.30/29/09/2019 came up after the two ‘visitors’ from Mombasa disagreed with their host on the amount they would receive as service charge.

The report on the OB states that the host had agreed with one of his newly-founded friends, while he was still in Mombasa that he would pay him Sh10, 000 as service charge after sleeping with him.

“I had agreed with him that he would pay me Sh10, 000, and before I left Mombasa, a friend of mine told me he was also interested in coming with me. I called him (teacher) on phone in Kajiado and told him to look for another man who could be interested with my friend, and he said he would take care of us both,” said one complainant.

After the teacher failed to pay for services as agreed, the two young males from Mombasa ‘frog-marched’ their host to Kajiado Police Station.

The police, after listening to them, locked all of them in the cells for indulging in a homosexual act.

A senior police officer at the station told the Star the three would be arraigned on Tuesday on charges of practising and indulging in homosexuality.

The officer, however, did not state what section of the penal code would be used in charging the trio in court.



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