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Osoi Under Siege as Gvnr Lenku Says He Must Go

Johnson Osoi

LOCKING HORNS: Although some Jubilee rebel MCAs have joined the Speaker’s camp, at least seven NASA MCAs, in turn, have joined the governor’s brigade

By Kajiado County News

The two-year political calm at the County Assembly has finally been shattered by a storm that could culminate in the impeachment of Speaker Johnson Osoi.

All those linked to an attempt to bring down Osoi are aligned to Governor Joseph ole Lenku.

A leak from the office of the governor on Sunday claims Osoi is facing impeachment over his seeming alliance with opponents of the governor.

Already a motion of intent to impeach Speaker Osoi was received in the Assembly on Friday, last week, and was acknowledged by the Assembly Clerk Saisa Leboo.

The notification of intent to move a motion for a resolution to remove Osoi as the speaker of the assembly listed 26 MCAs as to be pro the motion.

There are 41 MCAs in Kajiado, and removing a speaker as by the assembly’s rules requires 75 per cent of the MCAs to support the motion. 

Those in the pro-Osoi side are 15 MCAs, which gives Lenku side a run for their money to be able to achieve a 75 per cent outright win.

The Lenku side is planning to take on Osoi in the house any day after Tuesday. Some of the MCAs and the governor will be in Amboseli for the ASALs conference, which is expected to be officially opened by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This means taking that motion to the assembly on Tuesday as planned earlier will miserably fail given the fact that no pro-Osoi MCA will go to Amboseli.

The source from governor Lenku’s side said Lenku is aware that his political opponents are fronting Osoi for a senatorial position in the 2022 general election.

The Lenku rivals, the source further disclosed, have coalesced around a line-up that includes Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko and Kajiado Central MP Elijah Memusi.

Former Senator Peter Mositet and former governor David Nkedianye have also been named as active opponents of the governor in this group, as has former Olkejuado County Council chairman Tarayia ole Kores.

An insider on Lenku’s side said the Tobiko-Memusi political axis started differing with Lenku over the stalemate between Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd and the county government, with the governor’s opponents supporting the mining multinational, whereas Lenku has been left championing the interests of the local community.

The governor has been adamant that the multinational must pay its land rates “like everyone else”, while his detractors have opposed this stand.

The Lenku insider further claimed that Osoi has openly supported Tata Chemicals. “That is exactly what has landed Osoi in trouble, a situation that was worsened by his aborted attempt to oust the Assembly Majority Leader Julius Moipai.”

But Osoi, while stating the impasse at the County Assembly on September 2, said he was not a politician, and therefore anyone associating him with politics in the Assembly was mistaken.

“What is happening in the County Assembly is squabbling between Jubilee MCAs. They are fighting over positions. The two sides wrote letters last week on Thursday to the effect that they wanted changes in their leaders,” said Osoi.

Moipaai, an ardent Lenku ally, was toppled by those alleged to have the ear of Speaker Osoi, and include nominated MCAs Onesmus Ngogoyo, Julius Ngossor (Ewuaso/Oonkidong’i), and Yvonne Tonkei, among others.

Lenku’s side of MCAs claims those supporting the Speaker “resoundingly supported Moipaai’s removal”.

On August 28, the Lenku-allied MCAs threw the Assembly business into disarray after they walked out in protest.

“The meeting on Thursday night put another nail on the Speaker’s coffin after the Lenku faction turned on their own Deputy Speaker Joseph Masiaya and resolved to also oust him alongside Osoi,” an insider in Lenku’s camp said.

Although some Jubilee rebel MCAs led by Ngogoyo, Ngossor, Moses Saoyo (Keek-Onyokie) and Njogu Kimemia (Oloolua), joined the Speaker’s camp, at least seven NASA MCAs, in turn, joined the Lenku brigade, those on Lenku’s side have claimed.

The NASA MCAs who have joined the governor and who attended a night meeting on August 29 were Peter Tirishe (Mosiro, ODM), Daniel Naikuni (Purko, ODM), Dickson Nkaloyo (Matapato North, ODM), Paul Matuyia (Kitengela, ODM), Samuel Teum (Ildamat, Wiper), Joshua Olowuasa (Kaputiei North, Wiper), and Amos Peshut (Imaroro, Wiper).

The revolt against the Speaker, according to Teum, was also fuelled by the Speaker’s formation of an ad hoc committee to collect views on the Rain Water Harvesting Bill by Ngogoyo, bypassing the Water and Environment Committee of the House chaired by Nkaimurunya MCA James Waichanguru, a Lenku ally





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