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Osoi, Lenku Set to Take their Political Wars to Shores of Indian Ocean

As Kajiado MCAs troop to Mombasa for a parliamentary commission training, talks are rife Governor Joseph Lenku is also planning a private tour of Mombasa.

The 41 MCAs, along with their Speaker, Johnson Osoi and Clerk Leboo Saisa are set to leave on Monday for the one-week training program in the coastal city of Mombasa.

This is happening barely days after a rift in the county assembly emerged this week that pitted pro-governor Lenku MCAs against those supporting Speaker Osoi in House.

The speaker and the governor have openly differed, and the latter now wants the assembly boss kicked out for refusing to attend his scorecard function on August 16 at Kiserian.

Osoi (pictured) has also been accused of manipulating MCAs against the executive and even allegedly stopping them from attending Lenku’s scorecard fete.

It is governor Lenku who cast the first stone at the speaker when he told him to stop crying over cash crunch at the assembly after the national treasury delayed disbursement of funds to the counties.

Osoi had earlier explained that services at the county assembly had been affected because the MCAs cannot operate without cash for their salaries, insurance stickers for their vehicles and allowances because of the cash crunch.

Lenku, while at public baraza in Dalalekutuk, told Osoi to stop “mourning” about the money instead of approaching the local banks for an overdraft.

The MCAs and the county assembly staff were paid on Thursday and Friday after going without pay for two months.

Osoi chose not to respond to Lenku. Several days later, while Lenku was in Loitokitok disclosed that a section of MCAs was allegedly planning to topple the Leader of the Majority in the assembly, Julius Moipaai.

The speaker in another forum termed governor Lenku’s statement as “diversionary” tactic to stop Kajiado people from debating on the money the county government spent on scorecard fete.

Rumours are rife that governor Lenku’s private tour of Mombasa has coincided with the parliamentary commission training, and that he will use the occasion to whip up support from MCAs aligned to Osoi.

Whether he will manage to the “steal” MCAs from Osoi’s side that will be a story for another day. Sources close to Osoi claim the governor, who manipulated the election of the second county assembly speaker, now wants the man he supported to be kicked out.

Governor Lenku in the recent past, during his PA’s [Daniel Kanchori} homecoming, confessed that he manipulated the election of the speaker in favour of Osoi because the system at the time did not favour Kanchori.

He has since reconciled with Kanchori and even gave him a job as his PA. Those MCAs supporting the speaker are confident that Lenku will not succeed in his alleged plans to topple Osoi from his seat.




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