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Memusi, Mositet Want Governor Lenku Arrested Over Corruption Claims

Elders listen to politicians Elijah Memusi, Peter Mositet, John Loisa and Innocent Katoo hit at Governor Joseph Lenku.

Several Kajiado leaders want Governor Joseph Lenku investigated by Directorate of Criminal Investigation over claims of alleged corruption.

Kajiado Central MP Elijah Memusi, former Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet, County ODM chairman Innocent Katoo and politician John ole Loisa claim Lenku has acquired land parcels valued at Sh300 million in two years.

They made the claims at Enkuseron Primary School on August 19 and added that the county government should also come out on the alleged Sh22 million he spent in a day’s fete in Kiserian on August 16.

Governor Lenku led the county in Kiserian town in showcasing the developments he has undertaken in the last one year. Lenku has since clarified that he spent Sh5 million on the fete.

Lenku’s PA and lawyer, Daniel Kanchori, in a quick rejoinder on the claims of corruption, said on Tuesday; “No amount of intimidation can retract Governor Lenku in his development agenda.”

Kanchori said; “Lenku is as clean as cotton wool and he cannot afford to waste his time in responding to malicious claims directed to him. Let them know that the governor served this country as Interior CS. Whether he uses his wealth on acquiring land or property is his personal interest.”

“Those are people bent on distracting us so as to force us to change course on our development agenda, and my boss [Lenku] says responding to such propaganda is like fighting with pigs which will enjoy but you both get dirty,” said Kanchori.

Kanchori further said those fighting the governor now, namely Mositet and Memusi are beneficiaries of county projects directly or by proxy.

“People living in glass houses should not throw stones. Why are they doing it now? There is more than meets the eye in this new attack on the governor,” added Kanchori.

Memusi said; “Go to my wealth declaration records in parliament and see what I have acquired from 2015 – 2018 while as MP. Lenku earns Sh800, 000 as governor and already has bought three pieces of land in Kajiado at a cost of Sh300 million.”

The MP wondered where the governor got the money if he is not stealing from the county annual allocations.

“We saw him blow away Sh22 million on Friday last week within 3 hours, only for him to come to my constituency to make clarifications over the said amount. We also know that he actually spent Sh45 million on that day and this is the reason we are saying the DCI must come to the county immediately and start investigating Lenku,” claimed Memusi.

He said the people of the county are experiencing drought and shortage of water everywhere.

The MP also accused Lenku of “using our children to abuse leaders on social media”, adding that use of children will not stop him from the “public eye”.

“Come out and explain your source of wealth. Give us a genuine breakdown of all the monies channelled to the county from the treasury in the last two years. We do not see projects on the ground except on paper,” said the MP.

Mositet said monies given to the counties should remain at Sh300 billion because there is a trend of corruption taking shape in regional governments.

“We also want to know which part of the law Lenku used in spending Sh22 million in 3 hours in the scorecard fete. Was that money approved by the county assembly?” asked Mositet.

Katoo claimed Ongata Rongai and Ngong towns have gone without water for the last one month because Oloolaiser Water Company, under the county government, has failed to pay Kenya Power and Lighting Company Sh12 million it owes in bills.

“This is happening because Lenku last year took Sh5 million from the water company to use in the County Maji Awards fete last year. That money has never been returned,” claimed Katoo.

Kanchori confirmed there was a Maji Awards fete in Kitengela last year but could not provide details of the money spent and where it was obtained from.

Loisa told Lenku to use the county money well if he wants peace with other leaders who have a right of questioning his actions.




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