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Veteran Journalist Marindany Heads KCN Editorial Team

Kurgat Marindany left County Press to join KCN.

Journalist Kurgat Marindany has been appointed Editor-in-Chief and Developmental Editor at Naslet Ventures Ltd.

His appointment takes effect immediately. He will be reporting to the company’s Chief Executive Officer and the Director.

Marindany will be in charge of editorial content and the editorial team, which includes editors, sub-editors and field reporters.

Marindany, a seasoned journalist, started his journalism career at the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1992.

He served for BBC’s Bush House, based in London, as a stringer, before moving to Somalia in the early 1990s after the collapse of Siad Barre’s government following a military coup.

Marindany later joined the Nation Media Group in 1994 as an investigative and features writer, thereafter moving to the defunct Kenya Times in 1997 to serve as deputy news editor.

In 1998, Marindany parted ways with the then ruling Kenya African National Union (KANU), which owned the Kenya Times, and quit the newspaper in a huff over an editorial issue. At the time, Kenya Times could be manipulated from State House.

Marindany says it so happened that one day after he took the paper to bed, a State House operative in the former President Daniel arap Moi’s regime pulled out a lead story and replaced itk with a “malicious” piece from Mombasa.

He said he found it unprofessional and tendered his resignation the same day as he moved to the Standard Group as a senior features writer, a position that gave him an opportunity to travel widely locally and abroad.

Before he joined the media world, Marindany served as a senior librarian with the Kenya National Library Services and took an early retirement after serving as Area/Provincial Librarian in charge of the former North Eastern Province and parts of the former Eastern Province for close to seven years.

As a senior civil servant back then, he wrote a policy paper that later defined the devolvement of public libraries to the grassroots across the country.

He joins Kajiado County News with a loaded experience in news coverage and editorial management after serving at the County Press as its senior associate editor for close to a decade.

Marindany is currently a news consultant at Radio Africa Group for Kajiado County. The group has various news platforms that include radio stations and online news, other than the Star, a national newspaper.




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