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Gangsters Raid Top-Notch Hotels at Will as Police Keep Mum

Ten gangsters raided this hotel on the night of Tuesday and carted away property and drinks for four hours, at 3 am, before driving off in two vehicles.

Insecurity has caused tension in Kitengela town following a spate of daring robberies targeted at major hotels as police refuse to comment on the matter.

Armed with two revolvers, ten people drove in two vehicles — a station wagon car (Toyota Voxy) and an eight-tonne truck — into Hotel Laetoli on Tuesday night and tied up the workers and two guests sleeping in the lodging.

The hotel’s manager, Peter Muasya, said the gang arrived at the hotel five minutes to 11 pm after they had closed business and took hostage the watchman.

“We were preparing to sleep when I certainly saw our watchman’s call coming in. He said a guest wanted to rent a room and went down to check,” said Muasya.

Muasya said he only saw one man carrying a safari bag, and when he opened the door, three people – two brandishing guns and one with a mallet forced their way in.

He said that as soon as they were in, they claimed they were policemen. “I told them they were lying, and another one said they were robbers. In the hotel, a barman and a chef were preparing to leave, and so we were all tied together and thrown into one of the rooms,” added Muasya.

Earlier in the morning of Tuesday, Muasya claimed that Isinya deputy OCS called him to tell him that there are increased robberies that target hotels in the area.

When we attempted to seek comments from the local Sub County police commander Kinyua Mugambi, he could not take our calls even after we text him.

County Police Commander, Beatrice Gachago text us to say she had been away and could not comment of the same.

Lastly, we called the County Commissioner, Joshua Nkanatha but he also failed to pick our call and did not respond to our text message.

Muasya said after all the workers present were tied, the robbers who were now 10 attempted to rape one of the workers who had been tied legs and hands.

“Minutes later, we heard a truck being reversed towards the main door. They started by dismantling the hotel’s CCTV and all its kits, later they removed all the 5 big screens from the wall,” he said.

The manager said they also broke into the hotel’s store and took another large TV screen before ferrying all the beer and whiskeys from the bar and the store.

He estimated all the stolen items and drinks at Sh 600, 000. The gangster also attempted to carry away the hotel’s generator but it appears it lacked space and had to abandon it outside the main door.

The gangsters, according to Muasya, left the hotel with the loot 15 minutes after 3 am on Wednesday.

Police officers from Isinya, some 5 kilometers away, according to the manager arrived after 5 am. They were alerted by the management at 3.15 am.

All these happened, days after an unknown number of people attempted to break into Orkeju Resort, which is along the Kitengela/Isinya road.

The hotel’s manager said watchmen spotted the suspicious people driving in a saloon car and a truck and alerted the police immediately.

The gangsters took off immediately after realising they had been noticed.

On July 27, an unknown number of hooded gangsters in Kitengela raided Olerai Hotel and ordered all the revellers and workers to lie down.

The time was 1 am, and a big number of customers, mostly from the neighbourhood, were settling down for their last drink when all of a sudden hooded men walked in while brandishing two guns.

The workers who talked to us said the attackers appeared to have had their leader in the group, who noted all that was being stolen in a book.

“They took one of the largest platinum wall TV screens and three other small ones from the hotel’s walls as their gang leader sat down after picking a 750 ml bottle of Johnny Walker whiskey from the counter,” said one of the workers.

The worker said that after packing all their loot in the truck, they came back to clean up the beer and whiskey shelves and carted away the drinks at 3 am.

No one was attacked by the thugs because they cooperated and took instructions as ordered by the criminals.




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