The Multi-billion Shillings Kibiko Land Has No Title, Claims Monik

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Leadership wrangles at Keek-Onyokie Community Trust emerged afresh on Sunday when and section of members sensationally claimed they own a ‘fake’ land title.

The 2,640-acre-land in question is near Ngong town in Kajiado West Constituency with a membership of 5000 people. Their leaders have been fighting for trust positions for the last 2 decades.

A faction led by Moses Monik, which claims it holds a list of incorporated trustee members of Keek-Onyokie Community Trust registered by the National Land Commission, said Kibiko’s land title was cancelled last year.

The faction’s secretary, Lawrence Mbelati, told a Church gathering that was attended by their members in Kibiko that the title was cancelled after it allegedly emerged “it was issued to a wrong hand”.

But another wing of the community trust led by Moses Parantai, that has claimed it has a genuine title, immediately dismissed the claims as “falsehoods aimed at causing panic among the over 5, 000 members”.

“They are trying everything possible to discredit my leadership in the community land trust. I have had several delegations of Keek-Onyokie community trust members coming to my house in Isinya to congratulate me because they are seeing quality leadership in me,” said Parantai in a quick rejoinder on Monday.

Mbelati, who was in the company of a section of trustee members that included; Monik, Mamaa ole Kabura, Pastor Sammy Nasira and Salash Kirini (chairman of the management board), said they are the bonafide elected and registered members of the trust.

“Parantai is moving around with a title that was cancelled long ago by NLC. We are now ready to seek a new title ahead of the subdivision of Kibiko land,” said Mbelati.

He, at the same time, explained that the trust does not necessarily require a land title before subdividing the community land to its members.

“Let me make clear some of the issues that the media has been misunderstanding and misrepresenting in the news. To be an official of the trust, one must have the ground, members and registered as a trustee, which Parantai is not” he claimed.

Parantai told the Star on Monday he had not been informed of the cancellation of the land title he is holding in trust of the community, adding that he will treat it as “fake news”.

Local Ewuaso/Oonkidong’i MCA, Justus Ngossor, who also attended the Church service at Kibiko on Sunday along with area MP George Sunkuyia, recognised the leadership of Monik.

“If there is anyone doing meetings with members of his age-set and discussing Kibiko land issues in his private house, he has no interest of the people on that land they claim to hold office on behalf of members,” claimed Ngossor.

“Bring your meetings of your age-set members to this ground so that we can physically see you to be working for the community. Any other meetings held outside here are deemed to be social gatherings and not representative of our vision,” said the MCA.

As the crack in the leadership continues to widen on Sunday, the names of individual powerful people in the Jubilee government emerged as those having interest in buying huge junks of acres from the Kibiko land.

One senior Jubilee official is claimed to have used NLC officers and some of the local trustees to buy 300 acres on the prime land, that now goes for Sh50 million per acre.

Although there is no concrete evidence on the claims, some of the members in the trust believe that those causing chaos do not want to allow the subdivision of the land to proceed.

On Thursday last week, Parantai, while meeting Iseuri age-set elders at his home in Isinya claimed people associated with Monik had paid the Sh7 million so they can change Kibiko’s land documents for purposes of the alleged fraud.

In his response, Monik dismissed the claims as malicious. “Those are the kicks of a dying horse. He has reached a dead-end, and have also realised my team is destined to spearhead the subdivision of the Kibiko land,” added Monik.

An insider in the trust tipped us that those who will spearhead the subdivision of the prime land are like to get a bigger share of acres. “Some will even get 20 acres. That is good money. Just multiply those acres by Sh50 million, and you will understand why we are having endless wrangles,” said an insider.

In our possession, we have a copy of a letter dated May 31, 2018, that was written by the then chair of NLC Professor Mohammed Swazuri, and that was addressed to Governor Lenku.

The letter headed; ‘Dispute over LR No. 12418/6404 – Kibiko Holding Ground, Kajiado County’ said in part – “We make reference to various correspondences on this matter that was received by NLC sometimes in 2013 – courtesy of Articles 60 (1) and 67 (2) f of the Constitution amongst many other provision of the constitution and land laws.”

It went on; “Our observation reveals that, indeed, there exists the Kibiko Holding Ground, one society referred to as Maasai Stock Farmers’ Cooperative Society Ltd, and another called Keek-Onyokie Community Trust”.

Swazuri in the letter said the former MSFCSL was registered in 1963 while the latter was registered in 2012.

He said MSFCSL had shown all their records from its formation in 1963, and membership names and numbers, which include people registered under Keek-Onyokie.

The former NLC chairman concluded that it meant the two outfits were the same trust.

The letter at the county government was received by the then County Secretary, Francis Sakuda, who forwarded the same with a note to CEC member for lands, Hamilton Parseina.

Eyebrows were later raised last month when Lenku revisited the matter after a visit to Kibiko and called upon the two warring leaders; Parantai and Monik to work together and subdivide the land in question for the sake of members’ good.

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