Oloolaiser Water Company to Charge Levies on Nkurruman Water

Governor Joseph Lenku and Oloolaiser Water Company CEO Dickson Ntikoisa. Photo Governor's Press Service.

Governor Joseph Lenku has given Oloolaiser Water and Sewerage Company the go-ahead to pursue water revenues from the Nkurruman water source in Magadi Ward.

The Governor said the water source produces millions of litres of fresh natural water and it should be used for the benefit of the entire community in Magadi ward and beyond.

At the moment, the water is only accessed by Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd which uses the water for its commercial and industrial use.

The County Government, Lenku said, does not get any single cent from the distribution of the freshwater to the soda ash miner.

“This has left the local community exposed to years of thirst,” he said.

During a special board meeting of the Oloolaiser Water Company at its head office in Ongata Rongai, Governor Lenku directed the board to establish a legal framework that would extend its mandate to the entire Kajiado West Sub County which includes Magadi ward.

“Get the requisite authorisation from the relevant water entities to ensure Nkurruman water is useful to the local community and the county Government earns revenue from it,” Governor Lenku told the caretaker board chaired by Architect Patrick Mugo. Mr Mugo is also the chairman of Ngong Municipality.

He also asked the Board to carefully scrutinise the term and conditions of an anticipated loan facility by a German firm through Athi Water Services Board to ensure the water company gets value for money.

Later the Governor visited Magadi and told the local community at Oloika village that the County Government would invest in water infrastructure at Nkurruman.

He faulted Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd for arguing that it was not paying for water to Kajiado County Government because it was under the jurisdiction of Lake Victoria Water Services Board.

“It is ridiculous that a company on Kajiado soil can claims it owes levies to a water entity in Nyanza. This is the monkey games that must come to an end,” said the governor.




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