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NCCK Church Heads Question How Their GS Designate, Kinyanjui Was Picked

African Brotherhood Church Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki, is als the NCCK chairman.

Pastors of Churches that constitute the National Council of Churches of Kenya have protested the process of electing the next NCCK secretary-general.

In a ten-page complaint letter written to the NCCK chairman, Timothy Ndambuki and signed by Rev. Stephen Ndoria and Rev. Philip Kikuvi, the two leaders protested over the “dubious process of recruiting the next General Secretary of NCCK.

Chris Kinyanjui, who was recently picked as designate NCCK SG, is expected to be inaugurated tomorrow on October 1.

“Our grievances are informed by the lack of integrity and non-adherence to due process, and in many instances, an outright corruption of the process to achieve a pre-determined end,” said the letter.

They said as members of the NCCK, they have observed the process since the putting in place of a search committee to the final controversial release of the search.


Irregularity in the constitution of the search commit

“The constitution of NCCK under section 12 on representation in council committees’ notes that Representation of corporate members in other council committees shall take into account ecumenical, regional, youth, gender and disability considerations,” they said.

They said this provision was openly flouted when the search committee was constituted, in which there was observed open bias and exclusion with no participation of youth, persons with a disability, and with no regional consideration as required by the constitution.

“Voices that tried to press for inclusivity and fairness in the constitution of the committee were muted and the status quo upheld. Observably, there was outrightly no participation of the members of the executive committee in constituting the search committee but rather an imposition on the members of a list of people that had already been premeditated,” they further argued.

They questioned how immediate former chairman/chairperson of NCCK, the Rev. Canon. Dr. Rosemary Mbogo, find her way to the search committee yet she had not been officially seconded to the executive committee by her member Church?

“The Rev. Canon. Dr. Rosemary was appointed to the executive committee on Monday, 10th June 2019. How did she then participate in the search committee that had already finished its task by the time of her appointment?” they asked.

Conflict of Interest:

Re. Kikuvi said the question of conflict of interest still arises in the affairs and conduct of the search committee.

“The sitting SG was a member of the search committee as the secretary. Among those interviewed by the panel included his immediate deputy and former staff (now the designate General Secretary),” said Rev. Ndoria.

The two Church leaders asked why didn’t the secretary to the search committee, the sitting general secretary, excuse himself from the interviews, to avoid bias and conflict of interest.




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