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Angry Lenku Hits at Alleged “Rebel” MPs for Criticising His Administration

Governor Joseph Lenku recently in Kajiado town. PHOTO GPSU>

Governor Joseph Lenku has told two Kajiado MPs to concentrate on delivering security and education projects and leave county leaders to handle devolved projects.

In a press communiqué from the US where he is on an official trip, Governor Lenku faulted MPs Peris Tobiko and Elijah Kanchory for “spreading propaganda” that he has cut down development money to the wards from Sh45 million to 30 million.

“Sadly, an elected MP has the temerity to consciously present outright fallacies. Our ward budgets have remained at Sh30 million. Unfortunately, some of our leaders are apathetic to careful reading of documents. Budget estimates is a public document which anyone can access,” said the Governor.

MPs Peris Tobiko and Elijah Memusi at Ilmisigiyo Primary School in Kajiado Central.

Last weekend, the two MPs attended a function in Kajiado Central where they attacked the County Government saying its 2019/2020 budget had missed priorities.

He claimed Tobiko, a Jubilee MP, has been angling to dethrone him in 2022 and has enlisted the services of Memusi, an ODM MP.

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The governor accused the two of meddling in the affairs of the county while some of their constituents are “fundraising to build police posts”.

“Some of these leaders have been in office for two terms, yet their electorates have to be harassed by being asked to contribute money to build police posts. Some of our primary school children are trekking for kilometres and across dangerous highways to school for lack of a school near them. Just go to Kyang’ombe and see,” said governor Lenku.

The Governor claimed the MPs had broken away from the unity of purpose embraced by Kajiado leaders and were now spending time inciting tribal sentiments and spreading falsehoods about the county government.

He added that some of them wanted to dictate how resources and jobs are distributed in the county.

Lenku hinted that one of the MPs was “very bitter” with a mere transfer of senior officers in the same capacity to other departments.

“You wonder, what is behind so much interest about some county officers holding certain positions?” he posed.

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The governor further claimed he has an able team both at the county executive and the county assembly to carry on with their respective mandates.

“We shall not be derailed. We know to whom they are holding forte in preparation for the next elections. We are not concerned about the noises. Elections are still far. We have chosen to work for the people for the next three years. When politics come, we shall still be there. We have beaten bigger names. We shall repeat it,” said Lenku.




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