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Over 3, 600 Chief Camps Across Kenya Turned To Police Posts

Over 3,600 chief camps will be turned to modern police posts as administration police service officers are moved to the mainstream police department.

This is happening after more than 23,000 AP officers were moved to the Kenya Police Service in mass changes.

A police WhatsApp group posted on Monday evening says 23,900 officers will be under sub-county commanders, popularly known as Officers Commanding Police Division (OCPD).

The APs, who remained, will oversee the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU), the post said.

CIPU is mandated to protect electricity, banks, government buildings and installations, water points and cash in transit.

Others are critical infrastructure and energy infrastructure like Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

After the changes were effected on Monday, Rift Valley Regional Police Commander, Edward Mwamburi, toured Kajiado on Tuesday and held talks with all service commanders from 5 sub-counties and its headquarters.

Mwamburi said the talks were centred on how best the police will handle issues of illegal firearms in wrong hands, and how the officers will manage the rising hate speeches and “bad mouthing” among politicians.

The Rift Valley police boss said the police department is also reviewing the movements of firearms in North Rift that have been linked to increased cases of rustling.

“I am lucky that I have a helicopter under my command. I will be moving from one place to the other in trying to mope my officers on the exercise of collecting all the illegal weapons in the wrong hands,” Mwamburi said in Kajiado town.





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