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County cooperative register reflects a total of 643 cooperatives – Moshisho

Deputy governor Martin Moshisho and Cooperatives CEC member Alvin Kimani with a women group members during Ushirika Day in Kitengela.

By H.E. Hon. Martin Moshisho

Speech by Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho during the 97th International Cooperative Day Celebrations in Kitengela on July 7.

Today, I am delighted to join you as the whole world celebrates the co-operative movement; the occasion marks the 97th ICA International Co-operative Day commonly known as Ushirika Day and the 25th UN International Day of Co-operatives.

We all take cognisance of the critical role played by the movement if well managed, in the realisation of economic development. This year’s theme, “Cooperatives for decent work “portrays the dignity cooperatives that have embraced the seven principals do achieve.

It inspires us to grow cooperative enterprises into a strong organisation from which we can all derive sustainable incomes. Pointing and leading case in our county is TAKA NI MALI Co-operative society.

The society is based in Kitengela dumpsite. Since the registration of the cooperative workers on the site has experienced decency in their work by way of working tools, equipment, and other partners coming on board.

Cooperatives empower workers economically and provided a chance to get out of the less endowed in the community, to participate in various business and access services that would otherwise be beyond their reach.

Cooperative awareness in our county is now high, factually all sub-counties have cooperative officers and over the years we have held this celebration in all of them.

The County Cooperative Register reflects a total of 643 cooperatives, whereby they cut across all sectors ranging from Agri-based Cooperatives, Housing, Transport, gainful employment-based Saccos & Rural Saccos, Artwork (Ushanga) Cooperatives, Mining (Sand harvesting Cooperatives) as well as service and Merchants based Cooperatives.

Out of 643 registered Cooperative societies, 402 are active which represents 63 per cent while 24 per and cent at 37per cent is dormant are semi-active respectively.

While Cooperatives continued being increasingly registered the trend was more pronounced in central sub-county at a growth rate of 54 per cent followed by East and South at 8.3% and3.1% respectively. Overall the growth is at 7.9 per cent.

Activity profiles in the diverse economic engagement in the county have continued to vary and our government continuously assist in the formation and registration of assorted Cooperatives societies.

The year under review Women and Youth membership took a lead in the newly registered cooperatives.

We have been providing the requisite Pre-registration and post-registration support services for each cooperative to be functional.

While the county government endeavours to produce the necessary resources to enable growth and development of the cooperative movement it is the primary the onus of the elected Cooperative leader to practice prudent and diligent leadership as envisaged in the co-operative legislation.

Besides, the co-operative leadership must embrace good corporate governance, compliance with the provisions of law and above all pursue the interest of the membership as a priority.

Transparency and accountability are key in building loyal membership with a resultant optical performance and have the necessary competitive edge of business operations.

I urge the leadership to note that at all times the core activities of the respective co-operatives are the objectives for which they were registered, therefore any deviation must be undertaken with only an express approval of the supreme authority which is the membership in general meetings.

Innovations and value addition are milestones to be pursued while modern technology especially ICT should be adopted at every appropriate instance, thus the co-operatives remain relevant and able to cope in this very fast trending world.

Once again let’s all embrace this year’s theme Cooperatives for decent work by way of respecting each one of us irrespective of the work one is undertaking in any of the cooperative that you patronize in membership or otherwise

May I conclude by reiterating our firm commitment in supporting suitable co-operative growth and development being in the process of establishing Kajiado County Enterprise Empowerment Fund whereby co-operatives are factored in amongst other sectors.

We too shall consider the county co-operative development funds as applied. May God abundantly bless you.

Ushirika na uwe nguzo yetu.


Deputy Governor, Kajiado County.




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