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Students Beat Up ‘Predator’ Man in Dorm Break-In

Ambassador Amina Mohammed at Moi Isinya Girls in the past.

Some 1,200 students at Moi Girls Isinya, in Kajiado, on Monday refused to attend classes until the school assures them of their security.

This happened as the school’s PTA held a meeting with the acting principal, Jane Ayima, following a break-in to the girls’ dormitory by a man on Sunday morning.

The incident that happened around 12.30 am on Sunday is said to have traumatized the girls. One student said after they spotted the man, they screamed for help for close to 30 minutes without any help from the watchmen.

After the girls failed to get help from the school’s security, they locked the suspect in the dormitory before beating him up.

Students at Moi Isinya Girls.

The watchmen emerged later and arrested the man, who they later handed over to the police in Isinya.

“It is not going to be business as usual here because our security in this school is not guaranteed. If a man can walk steadily and undetected into our dormitory, then anything can happen to us any time in our sleep,” said one of the girls on condition we will not use her name.

Ayima spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon with the PTA members and was not available for comment.

The girls demanded that the school put up a perimeter wall around the school. They also demanded that the school fires all the watchmen who were working on Sunday night.

Relatives of the man who was arrested in the girls’ dormitory have come out to defend him by saying he is a student at Maseno University and was drunk at the time.

“He is a student at Maseno and before that incident, he was drinking with his friends in a local pub in Isinya. He left the bar after his friends had long left, and lost direction as he was going to his home in Majengo Estate,” said the relative.

The suspect was expected to be arraigned in court in Kajiado in the afternoon.



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