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Kajiado West: Iltaarosero Community Demand Kibiko Land Share

Silas Ole Koilel in a meeting with his community to discus their share in the Kibiko and Ormorogi farms on Monday.

The Iltaarosero community has claimed some people in their clan have hatched a plan to alienate and deny them shares in the Kibiko farm.

They spoke during their meeting which was attended by 215 members in Ewuaso on Monday evening.

Their chairman, Silas Koilel, claimed that during the last Kibiko meeting between all the stakeholders, and which was attended by Governor Joseph Lenku, there was a push for Orokiteng’ clan members to be considered once the land is subdivided.

“It is absurd that our Iltaarosero community, who belong to the Odomong’i clan were not even mentioned. We demand, and not appealing or asking for favours, that we have all the rights to shares in that land,” said Koilel.

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He went on; “The governor Orokiteng’ be considered and our clan which is a minority were shoved aside. We are now demanding that our members be picked to sit in the Kibiko and Ngong vet land committees.”

They threatened to call a mass demonstration to protest a move to alienate them in the land sharing plan.

Governor Lenku played a major role in brokering peace between the Kibiko land leaders late last month and indicated that plan is already in high gear for members to share out the farm.




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