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Residents Asked To Exhume, Rebury Bodies Of Their Loved Ones In Nkoroi

Kajiado North MP, Joseph Manje on Sunday said NLC started paying affected Nkoroi residents.

Residents of Nkoroi in Kajiado have been asked to exhume bodies of their loved ones before construction work starts on the new standard gauge railway.

The same message was also delivered to residents of Olooltepes on Friday as the first batch of land compensation owed to property owners was paid out.

Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje on Sunday thanked Kenya Railways for giving landowners in the two areas time to exhume remains of their loved ones so as to pave way for the construction.

“At least they were courteous this time round to give our people ample time to move away graves of their loved ones before work started,” said Manje on the phone from Ngong.

On Thursday last week, governor Joseph Lenku raised a complaint against the Kenya Railways for forcefully demolishing houses on the proposed SGR line without giving notice to the owners.

Lenku wondered further why the KR was in a hurry of evicting people before being paid their dues, especially when the entire process was induced by the government.


Manje said NLC started compensating landowners who are owed less than Sh10 million on Friday.

“I am happy my people started receiving their dues on Friday. Those others expecting more than Sh10 million have been promised their pay from Tuesday,” said Manje.

The MP said others with disputes will have to wait until their cases have been dealt with.

The government moved to Nkorroi and Olooltepes mid last week with earth movers and descended on palatial homes along the proposed railway line and brought them down without notice.

Other areas affected included the elite residential neighbourhood on Langau that use to beam with life five years ago now looks like a ghost place after multimillion shilling houses were brought down.

Joseph Alukwe, 50, from Olooltepes, says his life was destabilised four years ago by one of the Jubilee government’s signature projects.

When the area was marked for the line in 2014, Kenya Railways informed the blind man that the government would only compensate him for the structures on his piece of land.

Any future projects would not be considered for the payout.

China Road and Bridge Corporation workers pulled down several structures on his plot while erecting pillars for a bridge meant for the railway line.

NLC had earlier claimed on Monday last week that compensation for whose houses were demolished to pave way for the SGR would begin on Tuesday, June 18.

The promise was made after the residents accompanied by MP Manje met officials of the commission on Monday amid claims that they were never given any notice to pave way for the SGR.

At the meeting with NLC officials, affected residents, who watched in disbelief as their biggest investments were crushed to rubble, complained of what they say were inhumane evictions from their home.

One of the solutions settled on in the consultations is that compensation will resume for residents grouped under priority group and with properties valued at below Sh10 million, while those whose properties are worth Sh10 million and above have to wait until next week.

“The people who have figures less than Sh10 million and have no issues…all of them will be paid and money disbursed to them this week and the coming week,” said Fidelis Mburu, Director Valuation NLC last week.





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