Kajiado Showers West Pokot Governor Longanyapuo After TV Live Show

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo has officially cemented his place as a man of the people, especially after an excellent appearance on Citizen TV show.
Putting his capability to scintillate crowds with hilariously unintentional comedic bursts aside, the governor proved that he has got the back of his people and was ready to go to great lengths just to protect them.
Facebook was awash with praises of the governor saying that West Pokot people operate on a lean annual budget of Sh4.7 billion and yet no one goes hungry in the county.
“In Kajiado we have an annual budget of close to Sh10 billion and yet we have no county roads, the county suffers most when there is drought and yet governor Joseph Lenku had even promised to start a hay project in the last financial year,” said Peter Leirr.
Another one said he was impressed by the West Pokot governor’s simplicity in articulating issues touching on his governance and his people.
Ninety per cent of West Pokot is semi-arid and Longanyapuo said no one goes hungry even in the harshest season and droughts. Kajiado prides on agricultural activities in Kimana and Loitokitok that depend on irrigation and rainfall.
While West Pokot is able to feed its people, Kajiado entirely depends on famine relief food from the national government every year there is hunger while it receives an annual budget that is double what the Pokots get.
The bone of contention came about with Koinange’s insistence on branding the West Pokot people as conflicted cattle rustlers and at one point described them as primitive.
That was despite the Governor clarifying that the cattle raids were a thing of the past in the county and that they had made great strides since the days of their fathers.
Judging by the comments that the show’s viewers posted online, they clearly were not impressed with Koinange’s insistence while praising the governor’s somewhat tactful tackle despite his prod.
“Jeff was hell-bent on spreading the stereotype and more than once insulted the entire Pokot people calling them “primitives”. Of all the media houses and TV personalities, Jeff Koinange and Citizen TV know better the effects of a one-sided stereotypical story!” Posted a user identified as Cleophas Kalekem.
“You are a genius and a true gem to this country! I love the innovative programmes that you’ve introduced in West Pokot County. Jeff Koinange next time do better research, not one perception of people as primitive, uneducated and cattle rustlers,” shared Martin Wachira
“#JKLive Kenyans amaze me… In Nairobi and Kiambu where literacy is topmost in East Africa decided to vote for Sonko and Waititu. In West Pokot where literacy level is at its lowest point voted for Professor,” posted another user.
Others appreciated the fact that the Wednesday night interview was different from typical interviews with politicians such that, in this particular one, minimal politics made it to the agenda list.
“Have you all noticed yesterday’s #JKLive was very different? No politics, no insulting women and competitors, no mention of prison. The professor is genuinely happy and it is more fun watching him. The Pokot people elected a genius and who did Nairobians elect?” expressed Imran Hajji.
Lonyangapuo also revealed how his deputy who resides in the USA has impacted the county by brokering and bringing expensive medical equipment to West Pokot at minimal costs.

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