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Water: Just One Africa Is Changing Lives among Kajiado Communities

Just One Africa NGO directors, Amy and husband Clay Churchill in Kimana, Kajiado County on June 16.

Amy and Clay Churchill, an American couple, have been married for more than 20 years and love serving others as a family.

I met with the couple in Kimana town on June 16 during the Day of African Child celebration at Lenkai Christian School.

The couple was introduced to me by John and Dorcus Parit, the Kenyan couple behind Hope Beyond Foundation and directors at Lenkai Christian School in Kimana.

Amy and Clay are the brains behind the formation of Just One Africa, a formidable non-governmental organisation that cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.

Just One Africa has over the years helped local organisations working with vulnerable children by providing access to clean water.

The American NGO operating in Kenya has joined hands with local leaders to provide sustainable solutions which create hope through care, education, and community development.

Amy and Clay say they both grew up with the world in their hearts and that heartbeat is now evident in their children.

Some insight information I obtained on their website partly says; “In Clay’s college years, he traveled with an outreach team to India and Central Africa the poverty a where he witnessed poverty in real life experience.”

Both Amy and Clay say they have seen what happens when a simple family continues to say “yes” when God asks, and so they hope to encourage and inspire others to say “yes” too!

Their desire is to ensure others fully realise that they are created with a purpose for a purpose and they already have what it takes to make a difference.

“We believe poverty does not define a child’s potential. The opportunity to preserve life is at the heart of the organisation. Just One Africa is dedicated to the investment of people which provides the greatest opportunity for authentic life changes,” says Amy.

Amy with her loving and supportive husband, Clay, say they are committed to standing side by side with those they support.

“Our programs are designed to create empowered individuals and communities. It is our belief that as the basic needs are met, individuals can grow to meet their full potential and Just One Africa was established to be an advocate for this process,” said Amy.

In the interview at Kimana, Amy, who stood side-by-side with her husband, said they came to Kenya in 2012 and traveled to Bondo and some other areas in Nyanza where their hearts changed in the way they see life.

They were accompanied by Alistair and Geanna Wilde when they visited Salem Orphanage in Western Kenya in March of that year.

After witnessing for themselves the hardship of the people and being inspired by determination and vision of the founder at the orphanage, Phoebe Onyango, they felt compelled to form an organisation that will partner with local leaders of other similar communities in Africa.

They decided that the partners who they had in making a change in their community but are also struggling to find ways of being better equipped to make those changes.

After traveling back to the US, Just One Africa was formally incorporated in the State of Georgia in June 2012.

In June 2013, Amy said, the organisation received IRS 501 (c) 3 classification and immediately began raising funds for its programs in Kenya.

In that same year, the idea of a sustainable orphanage had taken shape, and subsequently into three major projects at Salem orphanage; 1. Farm Sustainability Projects, 2. Bread Project, and 3. Orphanage Infrastructure Projects.

All the projects were planned, executed and completed in time.

Before the couple moved to some parts of Kimana, and Kajiado South, at large, they had a stint in Mai-Mahiu where they supported Valley Light Children’s Home that is manned by John and Leah Njoroge. They are still partnering with their past associates locally.

Just One Africa has also partnered and raised funds in Nairobi with Jane Mukami of Fit Kenya Girl and model.

In Kajiado, Hope Beyond Transitional Centre that runs Lenkai Christian School is working in partnership with the American NGO.

In 2015, Just One Africa supported the sinking of a borehole at Lenkai School and recently installed a modern expensive pump and a new water tower with a capacity of almost 100, 000 gallons.

Already, more than 5, 000 residents of Kimana town get their supply of water from the borehole at subsidised prices.

Proceeds from the water help in paying fees for rescued girls at Lenkai Christian School and paying for their food.

Just One Africa is also supplying water filters to families in Kajiado South Sub County. So far, the organisation has distributed more than 6, 000 pieces to beneficiaries.



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