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Man Seen Beaten On Kajiado Viral Video ‘Agreed’ To Be Punished – Elders

Detectives in Kajiado have arrested a man seen on a viral video discharging a punishment on youthful man in Sajiloni area of Dalalekutuk Ward.

Viral Video was filmed on May 3, 2019.

Directorate of Criminal Investigation on its official tweet on Sunday night said 65-year-old Joseph Pasile Mulata was arrested by detectives.

“He was arrested by detectives following a viral video of a man being ruthlessly whipped by a group of about four men within Sajiloni area of Dalalekutuk ward in Kajiado Central Sub-County,” said the tweet.

The tweet further said three known suspects are being pursued by detectives, but another detective called to say another old man had been arrested two hours ago.

When the video went viral on social media, several comments that follow gave scanty details as to why the youth was beaten.

A social media commentator, Nkoe Saidimu said; “This is commendable. He must have done something terrible. This is not new in Maasai land, it is a form of discipline.”

Human rights activist, Benjamin Tipatet, called on the detectives to arrest all the remaining three suspects because “they acted in an uncouth manner as if they were killing a snake.”

A senior detective in Kajiado, who could not wish his name to be used, said the incident occurred on May 3.

The officer said the youth seen being punished had agreed to the punishment after he was accused of disappearing from home for a “long time” without notifying his kinsmen.

“The youth who is supposed to be complainant is saying he agreed to the punishment and had even slaughtered a goat for the elders who administered the punishment,” he said.

Policemen, who claim they acted on the viral video, are worried that the complainant may become a hostile witness in the case, which means it might be thrown out of court in the absence of a complainant.

On the viral video, one of those taking the video is heard telling the beaters to hit on the head.



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