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County Invites All Contractors, Suppliers With Pending Bills

Governor Joseph Lenku.

All contractors and suppliers to the County Government of Kajiado have been invited for a conference to establish the depth of the county’s pending bills.

The “Contractors Conference” will be held on Friday at 9 am at the Maasai Technical Training Institute.

The invite notice has been signed by the chairman of the Special Committee, Richard Parsitau, who is also a director at Governor Joseph Lenku’s delivery unit.

The 8-member committee is expected to probe why hundreds of millions of shillings remain unpaid to contractors and suppliers for several years now.

The probe committee is mandated to review the financial systems and the procurement procedures that have led to unpaid millions to contractors and suppliers.

The committee is also expected to establish why some contractors and suppliers are paid in the shortest time possible while others remain unpaid beyond the financial years they provided goods and services.

Claimants to the pending bills are expected to bring the relevant documents that include copies of contract documents, Local Purchase Orders/ Service orders, and /or delivery notes and completion certificates.

Governor Lenku has given the committee the mandate to recommend any changes to the systems that could ease payment to contractors and suppliers in the next financial year.

Parsitau said on Wednesday; “We are ready for the suppliers. They must carry the relevant documents because, in the fullness of time, we would like to dismiss fake claims.”

He added; “We have the independence to carry out this task. We shall ensure the protection of all those who have done genuine business with the county.”

Other members of the Committee are Malika Badiribu, Isaac Parashina, Luke Najulo, Kerika Ole Ndere, Morris Njagi, Daniel Kanchori and Julius Sekoyo.



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