Christian Family Converts Community Misfortunes To Isles Of Hope

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Meet Kajiado’s most generous and benevolent family, which has worked selflessly to converted miseries of the less fortunate people in society to happiness.

Rev. John Parit and wife Dorcus, are house names in Kimana town who have been associated with charitable projects aimed at changing misfortunes of the people around them to fortunes.

While there is a common assumption in Kajiado that Loitokitok homes and the surrounding satellite towns have water because of their closeness to Nol-Turesh River at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the reality on the ground reflects misery.

Acute water shortage experienced in Kimana town, despite the many springs around it flowing from the tallest peak in present Africa, forced the family to walk out of their way to approach their partners and solicit support that would go into helping the communities around access water.

Rev. Parit says that in 2005 he was able to approach a philanthropic organisation that cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya to assist in sinking a borehole in Kimana for his children rescue centre and the communities around.

The promises given by Just One Africa came to pass, and today more than 5, 000 people and households of Kimana town access the cheapest and clean soft water from Lenkai Christian School.

Just One Africa is an organisation that cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya by providing access to clean water and by partnering with local leaders to provide sustainable solutions which create hope through care, education and community development.

“This water issue had become so acute in this area and the communities living around here were full of hopelessness. We had to put our heads together as a family and think fast what we can do to help our people get water, and the idea came about in 2005 when we approached Just One Africa and a deal was sealed immediately,” says Rev. Parit with a smile of achievement on his face during this interview in Kimana on Saturday.

He says Lenkai Christian School, which caters for girls from injurious practices like early childhood marriage, forced female genital mutilation and orphaned children, and Just One Africa was able to set up a sustainability measure of water supply.

“As I have told you, the water serves more than 5, 000 people and households in Kimana town at its environs, we have also ensured that the water should be sold out to vendors at a reasonable and affordable rate,” said Rev. Parit.

At the water selling point, just adjacent to the school, lines of motored mechanical carts and motorcycles full of empty water containers are evident on a busy day.

The salesman, who did not wish his name to be used in this publication, said the water kiosk opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm every day except on Sunday.

“One motored cart carries 40 twenty-litre water containers at ago, which we sell at Sh50 only for the full cart. We sell 800 litres of water at Sh50. The same vendors sell to their customers on depending on demand,” said the water kiosk operator.

Rev. Parit says the borehole sunk in 2005 has a production capacity of 24 cubic metres and can sustain 24 hours non-stop pumping into storage tanks.

Irritating electric power outages in Kimana town that has also caused many breakdowns to water pumping machines, has forced Lenkai Christian School to seek another solution of alternative electric power supply.

“To beat this menace, we were able to go back to Just One Africa and negotiate for their support in getting us a 30 KVA generator that is able to support our electric power needs for the borehole and the school,” said Rev. Parit.

Once the generator, which is now on the site, is fixed, Rev. Parit says the school will put up a new 60, 000 water tank at a height of some 15 metres. The 60, 000 litres will be added to existing 40, 000-litre capacity tanks so as to make 100, 000 litres at any given time.

“On completion, we will be able to realistically supply 100, 000 litres of water at any time of the day. The resources obtained from water sale will go into helping our rescued girls in the school. It will help pay for their school fees, clothes, and food,” added Rev. Parit.

Dorcus, his wife, runs Hope Beyond Foundation rescue centre in the area and the rescued children are taken to Lenkai Christian School where they will spend their primary school years.

After the girls do their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination, the school through the director of the foundation, make arrangements to seek for their sponsors in high school.



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