American family hands over a Sh6 million ICT project to Kajiado school

Anti-FGM activist Dorcus Parit ushers in her American guests during the grand opening of Lenkai School technology centre on June 8.

A school in Kajiado on Saturday received ICT laboratory, housing unit and laptops from an American family valued at Sh6 million.

The donations were handed over to Rev. John Parit and his wife Dorcus, who are the owners of Lenkai Christian School in Kimana, Kajiado Sub-County in a ceremony spiced up by local Maasai dancers.

The American couple, who their hosts kept private their names, was accompanied by their son Anthony “TJ” Kitchens who the donation was done in his memory.

A member of the Kitchens team said Anthony’s parents made the donation in their beloved son’s name to help children from less fortunate backgrounds in Kenya access quality education in areas of modern technology.

“This is a surprise to him because we came with him (Anthony) from the United States of America to this country without him knowing what we came to do here. He just got wind of it when we arrived in this school,” said a team member.

Anthony was given the honour by the family and the school to officially launch the technology centre at the school and approve the use of his name on the project.

The directors of the school thanked the US-based family for the donation and promised them that they will be put to use as per their dreams.

“As family members of Lenkai Christian School, we are touched by your donation of the equipment and the technology lab centre which you have dome in the name of your beloved son, Anthony,” said Dorcus Parit, the school’s director.

She said the school started with five pupils and developed further after many girls were brought in after they were rescued from injurious practices such as female genital mutilation and early marriages.

“The school today boast of a population of 150 pupils, with most of other earlier rescued qualified to join high school, have been sent to various girls’ schools across the country,” said the director of the school.

She said an organisation she formed to fight injurious traditions, Hope Beyond Foundation, has so far managed to rescue more than 500 girls from being forced to undergo FGM and early childhood marriage in Kajiado county alone.

Parit said her journey in the walk against injurious traditions has been rugged and greatly risky because the locals see her actions as alien and against the norms of the original Maasai people.

“I have risked my life several times in my attempt to help those poor souls, who do not even know why they are being married off at 10 years and below. They do not understand why their parents are forcing them to face the knife. It really pains me when I imagine the trauma they undergo,” said Kajiado champion of girls’ rights.

The director said Maasai young girls have their dreams of acquiring education like other children in Kenya and should be provided space to realize them.

When Anthony was finally called upon to say a word on his project, the shy American teenager, only said; “I am surprised but very happy about this initiative put up in my honour by my parents”.

The centre has two labs for the young and older children, and two offices above it.




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