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Governor Lenku Sets Up Team To Probe Unsettled Spiraling Bills

Governor Joseph Lenku at Water Sector meet in Nairobi. PHOTO- Governor Press.

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku on Thursday formed a team to investigate why contractors and suppliers in the county have not been paid millions of shillings.

The 7-member special committee has 14 days to review operations of both Finance and Procurement departments which are charged with the clearance of bills incurred by the County.

The team which composes of senior county officers, but who are not departmental accounting officers, has also been tasked to determine the amount in pending bills and explain why such bills have not been paid so far.

“The team is also supposed to investigate the recurrence of public complaints over operations at the two departments and skewed payment of goods and services and recommend how to improve service delivery,” said Lenku said in a statement.

The team was formed only two days after the governor dropped Finance, Economic Planning and ICT CEC Member Alias Kisota.

Kisota was asked to step aside to pave way for a review of some administrative matters touching on the finance and procurement departments.

The Committee members are; Richard Parsitau- Director, Governor’s Delivery Unit, Eng. Malika Badiribu, Kerika Ole Ndere (Accountant General), Julius Sekoyo (Internal Auditor), Luke Najulo (Deputy Director of Procurement), Isaac Parashina (Director, Physical Planning) and Daniel Kanchori (Personal Assistant to the Governor)

The committee was directed to start its work with immediate effect.



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