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Dead End?: Senator Mpayeei Kicked Out Committee Leadership

CAPTION: How County Press reported how the Senator went into hiding/ PHOTO: Courtesy.

The battle for the chairmanship of the Senate National Cohesion, Equal Opportunity and Regional Integration committee has started following removal of the holder.

Committee members yesterday passed a vote of no confidence against Kajiado Senator Philip Mpayeei.

Five out of the seven members who attended the closed-door session held in Parliament voted in favour of the motion.

The other two opposed the ouster. Members accused Mpayeei of incompetence and absenteeism that has rendered the panel toothless and dysfunctional.

They said that the first-time Kajiado senator, who was elected the chairperson of the committee in 2017, has only attended two meetings of the committee over the period.

“We feel that we were not performing as we should because of lack of leadership. The chairman has not been there and he admitted this during today’s (Tuesday’s) meeting,” a member said.

According to the members, the nine-member committee was recently ranked the least performing in the House and thus the need a revamp.

The members argued that the panel is critical in promoting cohesion and integration but has remained dysfunctional.

This is happening soon after County Press exclusively reported in its June issue that Mpayeei had sprung back from ‘hideout’ to speak of how ‘busy’ he has been after he was elected in 2017.

“Kajiado Senator Springs back from ‘hideout’” was the headline of his story with a kicker saying; “Long lost Kajiado Senator speaks”.



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