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Angry Lenku Kicks Out Slaying Kisota, Takes In Parseina

SACKED: Former Finance CEC member kicked out and replaced by Hamilton Parseina.

Governor Joseph Lenku has fired his Finance Minister, Alais Kisota and immediately replaced with his vibrant Lands CECM, Hamilton Parseina.

The fate of Kisota remains unknown as Finance Department staff celebrates his departure, they termed “God-given”.

Kisota’s firing was communicated to the people of Kajiado through governor Lenku’s Twitter and Facebook accounts on Tuesday morning.

The message simply read; “I have dropped Alais Kisota as county Finance, Economic Planning and ICT CEC member and replaced him with Lands, Urban Development and Physical Planning CEC member Hamilton Parseina. The fate of Kisota is yet to be known but will be communicated later”.

PROMOTED: Flamboyant trusted minister Hamilton Parseina takes over with immediate effect.

The firing of Kisota shows a serious indication of commitment by governor Lenku to clear off from slaying officers, who have continued to frustrate his effort in clear pending bills. Residents of Kajiado will now take the governor seriously on all matters touching on the development.

After the announcement, senior county officers from the Finance Department called KNU to express their gratitude to the governor for removing Kisota.

“We are happy he has gone because for the short time he was here, he has been an embarrassment in the face of the county. He has demoralised us in many ways by portraying the department in bad image,” said a senior worker.

Kisota denies any wrongdoing, claims of him abusing his office to follow pending bills associated to his construction company.

“I have not been paid any money, and I do not have any pending bills as claimed,” said Kisota through a text message.

The former Finance minister had hardly stayed in his position after he replaced a more sober colleague, Michael Semera, who moved to another department.

It is further claimed that after Governor Lenku ordered suppliers to be paid their pending bills, Kisota never took his boss seriously and instead went ahead to allegedly intimidate a group of women following up their pending bills which amounted to less than Sh100, 000.

The former Finance CEC member is also alleged to behind the beating of veterinary doctors in Ongata Rongai town, where one of them suffered severe injuries after he was attacked by county askaris.

When it happened, we called Kisota to confirm or deny the claims, and he said; “No one has complained to me officially that I sent askaris to them, or that askaris beat vet doctors.”

Kajiado West politician, Sankok Teeka, congratulated Lenku for sacking Kisota and asked him to replace Parseina, the former Lands CEC member with a “sober” individual.

“We are happy that Lenku has started seeing the light by removing people who have let him down for long. If he can get us a sober person to streamline the Lands docket, we shall thank him even more,” said Teeka.





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