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Disaster In Waiting In Kitengela Town As Floods Sweep Off Electric Poles

A cow jumps over open trench left by a road contractor as fallen electric poles litter Miriam Road in Kitengela town on June 3.

Two people escaped death when an electric pole came down tumbling on Kitengela Road on Sunday evening following a heavy downpour.

The two, John Njiriga and Samuel Mburu, were riding on a motorbike when the rain started subsiding and reaching Miriam House, one electric power pole fell behind them.

Two other poles came down as they moved on towards Kenya Commercial Bank junction. Njiriga on Monday said he was thankful to God for saving their lives.

After the poles fell on the road, fear gripped motorists and pedestrians as they feared being electrocuted.

The three poles, on one side of the road, fell after flood water swept all the soil below. The contractor working on the same road duck up trenches along the power line and left open.

Had the poles fallen minutes after the rain stopped, many people on the ever busy road could have been injured or even lost their lives because of neglect by the county government that oversees the on-going construction of the road’s stretch.

Kenya Power and Lighting engineers arrived at the scene at 8 pm after switching off power from the mains serving the affected section of the road.

Disaster in waiting in Kitengela town after a road contractor left open trenches and loose electric poles on site.

Business community members along the section of the road pointed fingers at the county government for allowing a contractor working on the road stretch to do a shoddy job.

Speaking on their behalf the area MCA Francis Kaesha claimed the road, A104 KCB-Kitengela Orata – Hospital was awarded to Titikas Ltd from Loitokitok to tarmac it at a cost of Sh40 million.

“These people are not complaining for the first time because we have even told Governor Joseph Lenku about the shoddy work being done by this contractor, who appeared untouchable,” said Kaesha.

Kaesha said he had previously summoned to the site the CEC member in charge of roads, Alex Kilowa, to see the substandard material he was using but he never took any action.

“This is totally unaccepted because the way they have dug up trenches along service lines and leaving open is a clear indication the contractor does not adhere to standards,” lamented Kaesha.

The one-kilometre road has been expanded to the doors of buildings its sides. After the heavy downpour on Sunday, some sections of it are not passable now.

When asked why the construction of the road stopped in mid-March, Kilowa said he is not aware.

“Unless I check with my people, I cannot tell you if the contractor has been paid anything or not,” said Kilowa on the phone.

Some of the businessmen claim the section of the road is dusty when it is not raining, and efforts to implore the contractor to water it when he was building it could only fall on deaf ears.

They further claimed the electric power poles now left standing are dangerous to the road users and owners of shops as they can fall down anytime.

An effort to seek comment from the contractor hit a snag when no one picked our calls the entire morning.



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