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Kajiado Killer Jumbo Defies Rangers’ Bullets, Goes Under

DG Martin Moshisho raised his concerns about the increase in human/wildlife conflicts that has so far claimed two lives in one week.

There was a drama that ran into Saturday night in Kilinyeti area of Merueshi Location when Kenya Wildlife Service rangers failed to bring down a killer Jumbo

The stray elephant, suspected to have crossed over to Merrueshi location from Chyulu National Park on Friday night and killed a man, had been marked for elimination but darkness engulfed the area before it was brought down.

The head of KWS’s elite Problem Animal Management Unit, Vincent Ongwae said on Sunday his rangers had to retreat when darkness interfered with visibility while tracking down the killer elephant.

“It had been shot six times and was still running away. We have instructions to bring it down because it is now considered most dangerous to humans,” said Ongwae.

Ongwae explained that the area the elephant has taken cover has a thick cover of vegetation and that rangers are expected to act with precision in order to pick the right Jumbo among many that have been spotted in the area.

“Our rangers left at 6 am as they headed to Kilinyeti to look for the injured elephant. We might also require a helicopter if our rangers fail to pick its trail,” said Ongwae.

The official added that allowing it to survive will pose danger to humans as it is already hostile and wouldn’t want to see a standing person in front of him.

Area chief, Samuel Mayioni, said the deceased, Tom Parkisali, was in his house when he walked out to make a telephone call at around 7 pm only to meet face to face with the Jumbo.

“We have telephone network issues in Kilinyeti and every time people want to make calls, they either go outside, climb trees or hills to be able to communicate. This is what happened to the victim of the elephant attack,” said Mayioni.

The incident happened exactly one week after another man was killed by a stray elephant from Chyulu National Park in Masimba, Kajiado East Constituency.

The body of the latest victim was moved to Loitokitok sub-county hospital mortuary on Saturday evening.

Residents have pointed an accusing finger at the KWS for allegedly allowing stray elephants to kill their people at will.

In Masimba, relatives, and friends of the man killed by an elephant on Friday, last week buried their loved one as tension also mounted in their area.

Big Life Foundation director and CEO, Richard Bonham, had fully funded all the funeral expenses, according to local residents.

Kajiado Senior KWS warden, Muteru Njauuini explained that his officers could not visit the scene where the man was killed because of “tension” that is mounting up from the local people.

“Tension is high, and I cannot risk sending our officers there. I have spoken to Mashuuru deputy county commissioner, Stephen Nyakundi, who says he will arrange with policemen to go and take the body to the mortuary,” said Njauuini on Saturday.

On Monday last week, KWS officials claimed they had moved all the straying elephants in Masimba area into Chyulu national park.

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