Debate Rages On Alleged Protocol Breach In Mashuuru Burial

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Mixed reactions have emerged in regard to alleged “breached protocol” during the burial of the late respected elder, Tobiko ole Paloshe, in Mashuuru on Wednesday.

While those supporting the fact that governor Joseph Lenku was locked out of giving a speech because the protocol was breached, others dismiss it as “misplaced” the allegation.

A person calling himself a close ally of the Tobiko family on his FB account says he was involved in the planning of the burial, and he is not buying the idea of the protocol breach.

“Even though am not Tobiko’s family spokesperson, but some of us who happened to have been involved in organizing the event are perturbed by the malicious, untrue and disparaging information being peddled in social media on the alleged protocol breach,” said Sirere Papz.

But Lenku’s handlers insist the organisers of the burial ceremony “mishandled” their boss with an aim of shaming him. Immediately after the function in Mashuuru, an insider in Lenku’s press team circulated their stories to news outlets for publication in Nairobi.

Some of the outs, however, could not handle the story owing to how it was framed and portrayed some of the insiders in bad picture.

What happened, Papz explains, when Kajiado County Commissioner, Joshua Nkanatha, took over the programme from Solomon Tawuo to invite leaders is that he immediately invited Kajiado Central MP Elijah Memusi.

The MP, Papz said, was to recognize all MPs present, and even allow them to speak.

“Memusi also recognised former elected leaders including, David Sankori, and David Nkedianye,” Papz explained.

Papz, who was clearly present, says Nkanatha was later informed that Interior CS, Fred Matiang’i, wanted to leave the event for other events.

“This is now when Keriako Tobiko stopped Memusi from inviting governor Lenku and instead invited Matiang’i to deliver President Uhuru Kenyatta’s condolence message,” said Papz.

When Lenku was invited, he says, by Keriako after Mataing’i left, Lenku in his wisdom concluded the programme by saying “now that the president’s speech has been read the rest of us won’t speak and gave thanks on behalf of the county.

“But for someone to maliciously stated that there are “family wars” between siblings is only intended to portray the family in a bad light for their own reasons,” concluded Papz.

Kajiado politician, Daniel Tenaai, who sat behind Matiang’i, during the occasion on Wednesday, has also dismissed the alleged protocol breach and heaped blame on the Interior CS for allegedly driving Nkanatha into “panic”.

“I sat behind the minister and the way he was looking at the CC as regards time, spoke volumes. The commissioner was really scared when he was alerted that his boss was in a hurry,” said Tenaai.

But he insists that Matiang’i was like any other person sent by the President to deliver a message note to the bereaved family, and therefore he was not reading a presidential speech to warrant Lenku claim that he could not talk after the president’s speech had been read.

“Lenku should have just moved on to talk to his people because, after all, he is the father of the county. The governor, like other invited guests, should have been given ample time to speak and even invite the ministers,” said Tenaai.

The politician also took a swipe with the organisers for not allowing former vice presidents; Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi to talk.

“We were all aware that it was not the wish of the family that politics should take centre-stage, but the two should have been given at least 2 minutes each to condole with Kajiado people,” argued Tenaai.


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