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Listen Mr. Lenku, Reign On These Rogue Kitengela Traders

Kiserian Market construction has taken off, while the Kitengela one has been taken over by unknown people.

When Governor Joseph Lenku gave Kitengela residents a handy Easter in form of Sh40 million modern market on Easter, the deal sounded meticulously promising.

It sounded so because for many years residents of Kitengela town have suffered tortures of wadding through mad to their market every time it is raining.

But as the county chief was genuinely spreading the realities of his development agenda, a crop of masquerading traders popped up to oppose the county government project on claims they were not “consulted”.

It beats all logic and purposes for a group of people, in the name of market stakeholders, to stand and block development. This is uncalled for.

Those traders, who rushed to court to block the county government’s Sh40 million project market facelift, to say the least, are enemies of county development.

It has come to my mind that the county government, actually carried out a public participation exercise on the said project, and none of the current traders raised any finger against this noble project.

It is high time that the county government reign on the so-called traders and put them to account that this is a county project meant for the people of goodwill and not masqueraders, who have no disregard to taxpayers of Kitengela.

The land on which the market sits is a property of County Government. Those slaying around on the said land are squatting on the government land.

For how long will you take the governor of Kajiado hostage against his will to bring development to his voters?

Whoever is behind this fiasco of the game of chairs should come out clear and tell us your agenda as regards to your constant negative energy against the county government.

Whatever it is, in my opinion, you have hidden agenda to scandalize all projects being steered by Governor Joseph Lenku because he refused to be manipulated by a section of you, who invaded Kitengela town soon after his election.

The governor has clearly indicated that the proposed market in Kitengela will be storeyed, meaning that it will take more traders than your purported current numbers.

At what point did you choose not to relocate to the town’s stadium in order to allow construction work to take off on the site?

Who are you working for, if not the purported enemies of this county?

If indeed the county government carried out a public participation exercise on this matter, why are these purported traders bent on demeaning your work for the good people of Kitengela?

Can the list of the attendance of the said public participation be made public?

What has come out clearly from the said traders is that; they have not been involved in the planning of the new market, and the intended movement of their lot to the temporary site at Kitengela stadium to pave way for the project.

This sounds barbaric in nature to claim that you should be consulted before you are moved out of government land.

Who are you intending to sabotage, the governor or the majority residents of goodwill in Kitengela?

It is time Mr. Lenku should use his executive powers bestowed on him by the constitution, to make things happen.

My take is that those exerting negative energy to oppose the governor are the same people, who invaded Kitengela soon after governor Lenku was elected.

My opinion.




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