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Keek-Onyokie Breakthrough In Ending Kibiku’s Age-long Land Saga

Governor Joseph addresses members of Keek-Onyokie community in Kibiku, Kajiado West Sub County on Saturday evening.

Many years of pain caused by internal leadership squabbles between warring groups within Keek-Onyokie Kibiku community land could be coming to an end soon.

The un-ending saga on the multi-billion land property has for years denied its members riches as a few individuals invested in leadership fights.

This could be the sweetest news ever as the community now walks out of many years dogged by animosity caused by leadership wrangles.

Today, Saturday evening, Governor Joseph Lenku endorsed the Keek-Onyokie community’s desire in Kajiado West to subdivide the more than 2, 800 acres of land in Kibiku.

In a unanimous declaration to demarcate the prime land during a tense community meeting at Kibiku, the community agreed to have the land sub-divided.

Lenku first held a consultative meeting with all the leaders, both elected and non-elected, to hammer the agreement that will put to an end an agitation to have the land’s single title split to individual pieces for members.

“I can see the majority of you want the land demarcated. This wish is granted on condition that the process is fair and justice accorded to even the most vulnerable members in the society,” said Lenku.

The governor said the demarcation should only happen after two main warring committees reconcile and form a joint one, taking consideration of all community members/stakeholders.

Currently, Moses Parantai and Moses Kusero lead the two main factions embroiled in a protracted battle for the land.

“We must first reconcile the two groups, then do one acceptable list. We must do it together. The process must consider vulnerable people,” said the governor.

About 5, 000 people claim the agriculturally rich land which is only a few kilometres from the rapidly growing Ngong town.

The community has now agreed to set aside 350 acres of land to sub-divide into plots with the purpose of setting up a trading centre.

Most of the beneficiaries of the land hail from the Keek-Onyokie and Ewuaso/Enkidong’i wards.

The entire leadership of Keek-Onyokie was present and led by area MP, George Sunkuyia, Senator Philip Mpaayei, Women Representative, Janet Teyiaa, former MP Moses Ole Sakuda and MCAs Moses Saoyo (Keek-Onyokie) and Justus Ngossor Ewuaso/Enkidong’i).




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