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16 Injured After Matatu Operators Clash In Mashuuru

Nairobi-bound minibus in which 15 passengers and a driver were beaten senseless in Mashuuru, Kajiado county on Monday.

Mashuuru DCC, Stephen Nyakundi, was on Monday roped up in a blood-letting security challenge to save a matatu driver from imminent danger.

Nyakundi, who is Mashuuru DCC, said he was woken up by security personnel at 5.40 am after one wing of matatu operators attacked a bus from an opposing side and beat up its driver and 15 passengers.

“A group of operators who were supportive of Toyota Sienta and Probox-type matatus had intercepted a driver of the mini-bus and the 15 passengers in it headed to Nairobi. They were forced to come out of their vehicle before they were beaten up,” said Nyakundi.

The passengers and the driver, who was hit with a blunt as admitted at Mashuuru health centre as his passengers were treated and released.

Nyakundi said the fight was initiated by the operators of smaller matatu cars after they claimed the owners of the minibus was charging its passengers cheaply.

The minibus owner charges his passengers Sh500 as fare from Mashuuru to Nairobi, while the smaller ones charge higher fares to Emali town where there are not allowed to proceed to Nairobi.

Nyakundi, who walked out of his house in shorts and a vest, said he picked his gun and hid in the nearby bushes after it emerged that the raiders were a big number of youths.

“It is true I had to take cover and on approaching a nearby bush, I found five people laying ambush and when they saw the gun, two of them managed to escape. I managed to arrest three,” said Nyakundi.

After the police secured the injured people, the gangsters regrouped again and started throwing stones at officers.

Eyewitnesses said after police used teargas canisters on the operators, they ran in the direction of the shops and looted fresh water and other soft drinks as security officers shot in the air.

As at 2 pm, police had arrested 17 members of the matatu Sacco, and 18 of their vehicles taken in at the local police station.

Lawrence Tilikia, who claimed he saw what transpired, said the minibus was travelling from the direction of Nkatu as it headed to Nairobi from Mashuuru before it was flagged down by the youth.

“They, first of all, blocked the road with five vehicles, and when the driver stopped, they pulled him out and beat him unconscious,” claimed,” claimed Tilikia.

Nyakundi said the all the arrested suspects will be taken to court in Kajiado on Tuesday.

“We have placed our security personnel in all the corners of this town, and anyone attempted to cause chaos will be arrested and charged,” the DCC said later on Monday afternoon.

As at 2.30 pm, Mashuuru town, which has one street, had all the shops closed down as businessmen feared more clashes between the police and the demonstrators.



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