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Man Kills Wife, Suspected Man Friend In Grisly Dawn Attack


CAPTION: This is the house where he killed two people in the wee hours of Saturday/KNU.

Residents of Maili Tisa town in Kajiado County are struggling to come to terms with the brutal murder of two people on Saturday morning.

According to eyewitnesses, the grisly murder occurred when a man named Samuel Gitonga came back to his house at 5 am only to find his closest friend sleeping with his wife.

When neighbours arrived at the murder scene in the morning, they found her 7 month-old kid suckling her dead mother’s breasts as the police moved in to take her body to Kajiado hospital mortuary.

Maili Tisa Chief Robert Lois said Gitonga had left home on Friday morning to go and seek menial work at a distance away farm and indicated to his wife that he might not come back until the next day.

Lois said the man, who lives with his wife and three children aged between 2 years and 7 months, must have smelt a rat when he knocked his house door but no one opened for him.

“After several attempts, he decided to cut the iron-sheeted wall of the house and walked in only to find his best friend with wife on his matrimonial bed,” said Lois.

He went on; “He picked a hoe stick and hit his wife, Elizabeth Ngatha, once on the head, and as the wife coiled on the bed, he then took a machete which he used to cut the man on the head twice.”

It is said that on realizing he had seriously hurt the man, he carried him to some 50 meters away from his house as he talked to him saying; “I have always told you to leave my wife alone.”

The suspect later at 7 am is said to have surrendered to the police with the killer weapon.

Kajiado Central Sub County Police Commander, Issa Muhamud, confirmed the suspect is in custody and will be arraigned in court on Monday to answer charges of murder.

Muhamud said the bodies of the deceased had been moved to Kajiado County Referral Hospital mortuary.

Chief Lois had earlier said the slain man, Kasimbi Mutuku, works in his house as a labourer and had relayed the message to his relatives.

He said the suspect is 40 years old while his slain wife, Ngatha, is 38 years. Other eyewitnesses who asked for anonymity claimed the two slain people were reportedly spotted drinking alcohol together in the evening in Maili Tisa town.

He told the police he had killed one person and was not sure the other one he had hit with a hoe stick was alive.



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