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Kajiado School Releases Stringent Re-admission Letters To Parents

Olkejuado High School parents have been slapped with a stringent condition for the re-admission of their children who performed dismally in the last term.

More than 400 students who attained a D+ and below from Form to Four were given 7 condition’s in letters sent to their parents by the school’s principal, James Passiany.

In the letters, which have copies, Passiany says in part; “following your son’s dismal performance in last term’s (Term 1, 2019) examination you are required to accompany him to school on May 4 at 9 am.”

“We will require a handwritten application for re-admission, stating why you should be considered. Clear any outstanding fees balances including that of the second term and you must meet all admission requirement,” said Passiany in the letter.

Other conditions given to the students included; clearing of all charges, e.g. lost textbooks, broken laboratory apparatus, have all other learning materials and signed commitment form upon and if considered for re-admission.

Passiany on Tuesday confirmed he issued the letter to the parents, but after discussing with them earlier when the results came out.

“This was a decision made between teachers, parents and students that those in Form Four must strive to eliminate D, while those in Form Three should get rid of D+,” said Passiany.

He went on; “This is a reality because anyone scoring a D+ will not go to any sensible college after school. This is not an ambush to the parents because we had informed them and had endorsed the idea.”

But the parents who called the star insisted that there has never been any communication from the school until recently when they received the letters.

One parent, while talking on condition of anonymity, claimed the condition given by the principal is designed to lock outside their children from the school.

“How can he say we have to apply for re-admission and yet our children qualified for admission to join the school?” the parent asked.

But Passiany said that it is true all the students admitted at the school had 300 points and above on admission, adding that he will not be cowed by those making “noises”.

“How can you score over 300 marks and score a D- in secondary school? It means there must be something wrong happening with the student. We managed to eliminate D- in last year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, and this year we want to make sure that the least grade will be C,” he said.

He denied claims that he had expelled the students. “How can I expel and tell them again to come with fees. If it was a very serious issue, we should have involved the school board,” he added.

“When we talk of readmission we want them to make a commitment like what is it that you can do to improve your performance, we allowed them to go home with their items to make it easy for us to check those who do not have requisite items in school,” he said.

Other aggrieved parents who spoke alleged that the school has been extorting money from parents illegally.

They said Form Four students are forced to pay Sh4, 500 every year to teachers as “motivation fee” and that they are also forced to pay Sh10, 000 for construction of dormitory.

“In one case they were forced to pay Sh200 each for a broken windowpane that could have cost Sh60 only, this is a lot of money in a class of 50 students,” a parent claimed.

The principal denied the allegation that parents paid “motivation fee” and instead said they were only required to pay Sh5, 000 each for the construction of the school’s dormitory. On the windowpane issue, he confirmed parents contributed Sh200 each.



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