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Kibor’s Gazettement To Replace MCA Mario is Valid – Chebukati

By Linet Kurgat in Nairobi.

The IEBC has today declared valid the gazettement of ODM party nominee for the marginalised category, Elizabeth Kibor, at Kajiado County Assembly.

IEBC chairman, Wafula Chebukati, made the declaration in light of a complaint made in a letter by ODM party secretary general, Edwin Sifuna, on April 24.

Sifuna had questioned IEBC over the validity a Kenya Gazette Notice dated April 18 that published the name of Kibor to replace Sandra Mario, adding that the party was not aware of the publication.

Chebukati, in a reply, told Sifuna that Article 7.5.3 of ODM constitution “does, in fact, empower the National Executive Committee to set up committees for specified tasks and to determine their terms of reference”.

He said the commission confirms the Gazette Notice corrigenda No. 3701 Vol. CXIX No. 47 of April 18, 2019, seeking to amend Gazette Notice No. 8380 Vol. CXIX No. 124 of August 28, 2017, by deleting the name of Mario and replacing it with, one Kibor.

The election petition court in Kajiado quashed to the nomination of Mario under the marginalized category list and gave instruction to ODM to forward a new name to the IBEC for gazettement in the government publication.

“The particulars of the nominee to the assembly, Kibor, ID. No. 12826773, was forwarded to us by your party vide a letter and list dated April 12, 2019, and signed by the chair, NEC Sub-Committee for party lists, Ogla Karani,” said Chebukati.

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He said Ms Karani is on record as the ODM NEC official, who is the chair of the Party List Nominations authorized to submit names of nominees to the Party List on behalf of the party, also, certified under Form 6 submitted to the commission in pursuant to Regulation 21 (1) of the elections (party primaries and party lists) Regulations, 2017.

Chebukati went on, in his letter dated April 26; “The commission in the light of the above deemed it in order to address the matter and dully acted on the letter as forwarded by the currently authorized party official with respect to Party List Nomination.”

The commission is therefore restrained by law in addressing your request, said Chebukati.

Chebukati copied his letter to Kajiado County Assembly Speaker, Johnson Osoi, to act on the gazettement of Kibor, ODM party chair John Mbadi, for information and Ogla Karani, NEC – Sub Committee chairperson for party list for notification.


The IEBC letter comes on heels of alleged bribery claims demanded by the party officials in the county, who are asking up to Sh100, 000 so that they could be put on the list of those to be nominated in replacement of Mario.

The County Party Chairman, Innocent Katoo, said earlier this week he will ensure Kibor will not set foot at the assembly.

“It is better we have Mario remain there until the party completes its findings in getting a replacement. Kibor used her relative to forge documents for her gazettement. We know that Karani is her relative and we will not accept that,” Katoo had claimed.




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