Angry Guardian Moves Injured Minor Out Of Loitokitok Hospital

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

A road accident victim has been moved out of Loitokitok Sub County hospital after doctors failed to attend to her gushing wound for four days.

The victim, an 11-year-old minor, was taken to the facility on Wednesday night after a car she was traveling in was involved in a road accident between Mashuuru and Duka Moja as they drove to Kimana is Kajiado Sub County.

The minor, who was rescued from a forced marriage by an anti-FGM activist, Dorcus Parit and her team, remained at the health facility until Saturday during Easter festivities, allegedly without doctors attending to her wound.

A matron at Hope Beyond at Kimana, Lydia Patrick, said she spent four days at Loitokitok hospital and never saw a doctor or any clinician attending patients in the ward except trainee nurses.

“Once in a while, I could see nurses in the four days I was there. There is another patient, a man, with a broken limp who was brought while we were there. He was not given any treatment until we moved out of that hospital on Saturday evening when we were given a referral letter to Kijabe Mission Hospital,” said Patrick.

Another patient at the hospital, who could not let us use her name for fear of intimidation, said she was forced to pick her ailing husband on Sunday morning and took her to Tanzania where he was treated and given medicine.

“We do not really understand what is happening at the Loitokitok hospital. It looks like even the many trainee nurses who are now manning the facility appear to be demoralized,” she said.

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Efforts to reach out to the hospital’s superintendent, Dr Philip Too, hit a snag when he failed to pick our call on Sunday evening after an official from the county provided his phone contact.

We also attempted to reach out to the Health CEC member, Esther Somoire, but could not respond to our text message.

Over several weeks, residents of Loitokitok, have been venting their grievances through social media.

When we finally spoke to the County Director of Medical Services, Dr Ezekiel Kapkoni, on Sunday night, he explained the reasons why the minor’s wound could not be stitched saying it had a broken bone.

“I have just spoken to Dr Too, who is the surgeon at the Loitokitok Hospital, and has explained to me that the wound could not be closed because of fear of infection,” Kapkoni explained.

Kapkoni further explained that the facility is the only one in the county with two surgeons operating 24/7.

“In a situation like that, a doctor is supposed to clean the wound until all the germ’s manifestation are done with before the next move of action. In her case, the surgeon found stone particles and soil in the wound,” said Kapkoni.

The director said there could have been miscommunication between the handlers of the child and the hospital, adding that the physician who handled the case should have explained the reasons why the wound could not be closed. 

He said the hospital must not be 100 per cent sufficient but the people of Loitokitok should not blame the entire facility for any shortcoming.

“We last week bought essential drugs for Loitokitok, and I do not understand why patients are complaining that there is a shortage. Well, it can be true that we do not have all the required drugs but we have a way of getting them when needed,” said the director.

The director claimed he is aware of cases of patients being taken across the border into Tanzanian health facilities.

“We are aware of that, and those claiming to have taken their patients across the border end up bringing the same to us in Loitokitok after their health issues have been mismanaged by Tanzanian medics,” said Kapknoni.

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