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Residents To Demonstrate Against Lenku’s Alleged ‘Poor’ Leadership


  • Kitengela residents claim the county government has introduced ‘illegal’ levies and rates that are not supported by the law.
  • in a rejoinder, Governor Lenku’s Press secretary, Billy Muiruri termed ‘blackmailers’ those planning the demonstrations.

From left is Matapato South MCA Hoseah Toshi, Dominion Chapel Ministries Bishop, Peter Mankura and Governor Joseph Lenku on April 14.

Bunge La Mwanainchi, Kitengela chapter in Kajiado, has given notice to the police of intended demonstration against Governor Joseph Lenku’s alleged poor leadership.

In a letter addressed to Kitengela OCS, Renson Gambo, and copied to the Star, the Bunge La Mwanainchi secretary Emmanuel Pepela said a peaceful demonstration will be held on April 25 (Thursday next week).

Pepela said the demonstration has been called by residents of Kitengela because of alleged poor leadership, discrimination and lack of seriousness in handling public affairs.

“Our demonstration will entail blockage of Namanga Road, disruption of essential services and paralyzing transport. The demonstration entourage will comprise 5, 000 residents,” said Pepela in the letter addressed to the OCS.

The secretary the 5,000 people will comprise; landowners, who allegedly being targeted by the county government in illegal land rates, levies not anchored in law.

Others, he said, are small scale traders, who have been forced to vacate Kitengela market premises to an alleged destination that do not exist.

The owner of the land that the county government had turned into a market place and was collecting taxes, has given notice to those who have stalls to vacate by Monday next week.

This, in essence, leaves Kitengela town residents without a market. The county government had sunk a borehole in the market that is being claimed and it is not clear what will become of it after the county spent a whopping Sh7 million.

County Water CECM, Michael Semera, confirmed the government spent Sh7 million in the drilling of the Kitengela market borehole alone, and that some extra money was also used in the construction water tanks.

Pepela said the demonstrators will walk in solidarity from Kitengela to the county assembly in Kajiado (some 46 km) to hand over a petition on the need for a vote of no confidence in Lenku and his administration.

“The purpose of writing this letter is to request your office to provide security to the demonstrators, ensure tranquillity, and peace during and after the demonstration,” said the secretary in the letter to the OCS.

In a rejoinder, Billy Muiruri, who is Lenku’s press secretary, claimed those planning the demonstration are “blackmailers” out to seek the attention of the governor.

“The governor operates on an open-door policy and has never refused to see anyone with complaints about him or his cabinet. They should seek his attention through other means instead of using blackmail,” said Muiruri.

He said land rates and other levies are not “creations” of the governor but the laws of the county as stipulated by the “Finance Act 2016”.

Muiruri added that levies must be paid so as to allow the county to provide services the people require.



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