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Tata Chemicals Not Going Anywhere, Says Politician Kores

Politician Tarayia Kores today said he will mobilise residents of Magadi Ward to stand against forces that are fighting a multinational mining company.

Politician Tarayia Ole Kores with Kajiado West MP, George Sunkuyia air-bone during a past event.

Kores, who spoke to KNU Online after attending a medical fundraiser for the wife of Teacher Idi Partari in Olkiramatian, said Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd has done a recommendable job in ensuring children from poor families realizes the educational dream.

“Some people cannot purport to be championing the rights of the local communities, and yet, in reality, the communities living around Lake Magadi reap from the company. They are now proving free water and food to hungry families,” claimed Kores.

ODM politician Tarayia ole Kores addresses residents of Olkiramatian in Magadi Ward recently during a fundraiser.

He went on; “Without Tata Chemicals, there will be no life in Magadi. While a particular leader, whom I cannot name here, is burning energy to spread rumours against Tata Chemicals.”

The opposition politician claimed the person he is referring to is acting for another known politician in the country to chase Tata Chemicals so he can grab the land. “We know who he is acting for and I telling him that the communities around Lake Magadi will never let go their land,” Kores added.

Kores claimed those in county government who want the multinational to leave Magadi cannot even assist the people with relief food at this time of need.

“While the multinational is making losses due to market competition in Europe, it has never abandoned its corporate social responsibility that includes paying school fees for the needy students, supplying free water for livestock and human consumption, provision for subsidized railway transport for people of Magadi and also distributing famine food relief,” said Kores.

The county government says it is owed more than Sh17 billion in land rates which must be paid by the multinational.

At one point the county government clamped down the company’s locomotives in Kajiado town and imposed road levies on the Tata chemicals’ vehicles.

On his twitter handle several days ago, Governor Joseph Lenku, said he will only do business with investors that abide by all existing rules.

While leading some 300 people in a demonstration against the company in Magadi some three weeks ago, Lenku made it clear that he will not relent on the war against Tata Chemicals in making it obey county laws.

“They have even refused to give us the position of a community liaison officer. We are telling them that we no longer that position but that of the CEO. They refused to listen when we wanted a lower post,” Lenku had said in Magadi.

Meanwhile, in a statement on Wednesday, Kores has questioned governor Lenku’s fight against investors in the country and wondered the script he is reading from while President Uhuru Kenyatta the Big Four agenda.




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