April 11, 2019

Magic Dubai Excites Kenyan Priest As The World Celebrates Tabichi

I am a visitor in Dubai just like most other visitors from Kenya and elsewhere globally, Writes Rev. Peter Kikuvi Makau who is touring UAE currently. The exquisite infrastructure in

Sit Down Your Children, Be Open About Life – The Reed

I have always sat my girls down to have candid talks about life in my capacity as a man, and not their father. Make a point too, Writes The Reed.

How Woman Was Rated Amongst Kalenjin Communities

Love, as defined today, is a foreign idea to the African men and their cultures across continents, Writes Hillary Masai arap Bokose. Among most African societies men needed not to

Tanzanian Perishes In Kajiado Dawn Road Accident

One person was fatally injured after the vehicle they were traveling in lost control and rolled several times on Kajiado/Namanga Road on Thursday morning. Three others traveling in the same