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Leopard Injures Four Men, Kills 3 Goats In Bissil

Four men from Oloibelbel village in Kajiado Central Sub-County are nursing inflicted wounds they obtained after a leopard attack on Tuesday evening.

James Sisika (left) and Nicholas Partet at Kajiado Referral Hospital on April 10.

All the four are admitted to Kajiado County Referral Hospital Level 5 with gushing wounds caused by the leopard’s teeth and claws in the Bissil area.

They claimed one of them, James Sisika, was heading home with a flock of goats and sheep from the grazing fields when he heard a goat hopelessly bleating in the bushes around him and decided to check what was happening.

Sisika, they claimed, walked into the bushes but before realising that the goat he was going to check on was being mauled by a leopard, the beast had already landed on his chest.

“I had no option but to fight it. One minute into it, I was already feeling like I am fighting with ten leopards. It slapped me on the head with a mighty left paw, and immediately I began seeing stars,” said Sisika who suffered head and hand injuries.

When neighbours arrived to assist the victim, the leopard continued eating the remaining part of the goat as Sisika laid on the ground.

Sisika, who talked to journalists from his hospital bed, said he was prompted to act against the beast when he saw two other goats on the ground before it jumped on him.

“Four other young men who came to assist me were also attacked and three were seriously wounded like me. One of them suffered a few scratches and that is why he is not here,” said Sisika.

Sisika’s father, Mzee Sisika Andowa, said the attack on his two sons and his neighbour’s sons was not the first in the area.

“These are common occurrences here in Oloibelbel. In the last month, we lost 50 goats and sheep here. We have informed authorities but our stories appear to fall on deaf ear,” claimed Andowa.

Andowa said the leopard was eventually overwhelmed by villagers and was killed it. He said Kenya Wildlife Service office in Kajiado was alerted after the incident but none of their officers bothered to visit the scene of the attack.

Kajiado county KWS boss Muteru Njauuini, while commenting on the phone, confirmed the incident and said four people were injured.

Njauuini said it is wrong for the morans to fight with the wild animals every time they grab livestock, adding that the locals have been variously told not to fight with the beasts.

“We have told them that it is useless fighting with the beasts because after all, eaten animals will still be paid for by KWS. Why would one risk his life in the name of fighting a beast while knowing that the government will still make compensation?” asked Njauuini.



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