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Flying Squad Officers In Rescue Mission Storm Kitengela Police Station

There was drama at Kitengela police roadblock on Sunday night after DCI officers were arrested escorting suspected contraband goods to Nairobi.

Isinya Sub-County Commander Kinyua Ringera on Jamhuri Day last year. He declined to commends on the flying squad rescue mission at Kitengela police station on Sunday night.

Trouble started when officers manning the major roadblock at the base of the town flagged down a Scania-make truck, registration number KAW 092 K towing trailer registration number ZC 4138 and on stopping the driver he refused to hand over baggage documents.

A passenger in the truck suspected to have crossed over from Tanzania to Kenya through Namanga border intervened and introduced himself as Police CPL No. 60986, Jacob Mongare.

Mongare said he was on official escort duties of the said motor vehicle under instruction from the “DCI boss” without specific details regarding who he was referring.

His refusal to produce export documents and details of what was contained in the truck attracted more officers at the roadblock.

As confusion took centre-stage, a private Subaru registration vehicle number 933 B arrived at the scene with two people who also identified themselves as officers from DCI headquarters in Parkland.

The two were armed with guns and demanded the immediate release of the truck. But an argument ensued between them and the regular police officers manning the roadblock.

Those manning the roadblock claimed the officer alleged to be escorting the truck denied them documents that show what they were escorting.

The two explained that what was in the truck is maize jam. All the three were immediately disarmed and their guns handed to Kitengela police station as they arrested the three officers.

Details we are relying heavily on were found on the OB at the police station which indicates that after the DCI officers were arrested, Kitengela Police Station Acting OC, IP Mbogo contacted his Isinya Sub-County Commander, Kinyua Ringera, who arrived almost immediately and tried to calm the situation.

But as Ringera made inquiries, one Sgt. Kathurima, who is among those arrested from DCI, became rude to him and even instructed PC No. 80104, Muoki Munyoki, in his company, not to show the officers the truck documents.

Our police confidant said the situation became worse as the police sergeant became increasingly disrespectful to the Sub-County boss by refusing to give details of the vehicle and what it was carrying.

He claimed the police in Kitengela suspected the truck was ferrying suspected ethanol concealed in maize jam. Kathurima completely refused the truck to be opened.

“Ringera inquired the purpose of the journey and the person who authorized the escort of the suspicious goods. They said they had instructions from the DCI boss not to let police see what was in the truck,” said an extract from the OB.

The OB further gave details on how Ringera asked if there was any senior police officer from the Rift Valley region who was aware of the operation, but they said none.

Those being asked questions said some more officers from DCI headquarters in Nairobi would be arriving to make a further clarification.

After a long wait, the OB indicates, a Mr. Owino the deputy OC Flying squad, IP Nathan Njoroge and section of other officers in more than ten unmarked cars arrived at the scene.

“At the scene, Owino, demanded an explanation as to why his officers were disarmed and the truck being detained,” says the OB.

A police insider told journalists that as Owino was asking questions as if to intimidate the Isinya Sub-County Commander, Rigera, an order from Kajiado County Criminal Investigations Officer, Alfred Mwajimbo demanded that the officers be handed their guns and the truck released immediately.

The order was delivered through DCI Kitengela, IP Momanyi, and the acting OCS, IP Mbogo. The truck was immediately handed over to IP Nathan Njoroge of DCI, Parklands. His signature of taking over is on the OB at Kitengela police station.

When asked for comment on Monday evening, Ringera opted not to comment on the matter saying it is being handled “above”.



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