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You’re Not Woman, Nominated MCA Wachuka Reminds Ngogoyo

A motion by James Waichanguru (Nkaimurunya) on the improvement of county roads on Friday caused a heated debate between two nominated MCAs.

Nominated MCAs Josephine Sharar and Lucy Wachuka (right) after battling out with fellow Nominated MCA, Onesmus Ngogoyo during the Bunge Mashinani at Nakeel grounds on Friday.

Waichanguru was concerned that the issue of traffic jam and encroachment of road reserves has been a problem and that those encroachers should be forcefully moved.

But nominated MCA, Lucy Wachuka, while debating on the motion asked that people should be given time to move out slowly.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, this being my maiden speech after coming from the United States of America to represent Kenya on World Women Day, courtesy of the Speaker, I want to say that people should be given time so they can move out of road reserves,” said Wachuka.

Peter Tirishe (Mosiro-ODM) said on a point of order Wachuka is inciting the public to disrespect government orders by asking for more time for people to move out of road reserves.

Onesmus Ngogoyo (Nominated) shot up on a point of order to inquire why; Hon. Wachuka is asking for more time to allow people to move from road reserves and yet the same people did not tell the government when they were encroaching into the roads.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, you realize that Hon. Wachuka, who went to the US, courtesy of the Speaker, has appreciated on the floor of the House. Next time, Mr. Speaker, I think I should be the next on the line to also travel so that I can come back to mention on the same floor that I went to the US, assuming that is meant for the public,” said Ngogoyo amid laughter from the public gallery.

Deputy Speaker, Joseph Masiaya (Magadi), was forced to warn the public against laughing in the honourable House when the noise apparently hit the roof.

Rising on a point of order, Wachuka, argued that it is not in order for Hon. Ngogoyo to insinuate that he should be next on the line to travel to the US to represent women and yet he is of the male gender.

The public gallery, once again became a laughing arena as those in attendance could not control their laughter and some walked out for fear of being reprimanded by the Speaker.

Supporting the motion on the county roads, Francis Kaindi Kaesha (Oloosirkon) appealed to the Speaker to help the county to remove those encroaching on the roads.

Shooting up on a point of order, Julius Kilesi Ngossor, wondered what exactly Kaesha meant by insinuating that the Speaker could help remove people on road reserves.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, how can the Ho. Member claim a Speaker of the House can help by removing people from road reserves? This is unheard of, Mr. Speaker because I have never heard of such,” said Ngossor.

Kaesha, on a point of correction, claimed Ngossor is a poor listener in the House and never keenly wait to hear what honourable members debate in the assembly.

“Mr. Spearker Sir, I cannot remember saying such a thing. This is the reason I always say this member does not listen all the time,” said Kaesha.

Ruling on the matter, Deputy Speaker Masiaya, ordered that CEC member for Roads implement the agreed code and standards of roads and infrastructure in the county integrated development Plan II (CIP II) 2018-22 of all-weather roads and to also establish the legal framework to curb encroachment of road reserves.



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