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My 2017 Gubernatorial Election Was God-Given, Says Lenku

Kajiado governor, Joseph Lenku, confessed on Thursday and said he sees the hand of God in his election on leaving Interior with a “dented” image.

Governor Joseph Lenku and other leaders follow the proceedings at the county breakfast prayer meeting on April 4.

“You may all be familiar with the stunts and dramas that surrounded me at the State Department of Interior. It was not pleasant at all,” said Lenku.

Lenku was addressing hundreds of guests at the county prayer breakfast in Kajiado town when he said that on leaving the position of CS at Interior Department, he went on his knees to ask God what was next for him.

“In me at the time, I always had a strong belief that God will make me a leader. So when I showed the interest of running for Kajiado governor, of course, nobody believed in me or would take me seriously,” said Lenku as caused the guests to laugh uncontrollably.

He said that even his dearest friends would tell him it will be an uphill task to market him to run for the seat of the governor and advised him to re-invent himself before seeking that position.

“They told me openly that the image I left at the Interior Ministry was not looking good and that it would taunt me and ruin my chances of being elected. I told them no, we have to move on because I trusted my payers and God,” said Lenku.

He equated himself to biblical Nehemiah, who was just a waiter of a king, and who used the power of prayer to convince God to use him in building bridges.

Lenku said just as Nehemiah prayed to God to give the power to build the walls, he also prayed to God to allow him into leadership position so he can build walls for the people of Kajiado.

The governor said Kajiado is water scarce county and hunger caused by drought is already knocking the doors of his electorate.

“I have many walls to build after pledging to Kajiado people that I would do so after they elected me. I need to build a wall against hunger, scarcity of water and the threatening drought by ensuring that our livestock will not die of it,” said he.

The breakfast prayer, which is the first in the country done at the county level, attracted at least 5 speakers from different counties, three senators and a host of MCAs from several counties.

Speaker Johnson Osoi said the breakfast prayer meeting at Kajiado was “photocopied” from one he attended recently in the United States of America with Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho.

Osoi said the breakfast prayer meeting will be an annual event.

The guest speaker at the event held at KCB grounds was West Pokot Senator Samuel Pogisho, who confirmed the Kajiado function met international standards.

Poghisho said he has been attached to national prayer breakfast events in Nairobi for many years, adding that there is no nation that can stand without the guidance of God.

“Even as MPs and senators, we pray about three times a week in various venues in Nairobi. You might think politicians do not believe in heavenly intervention, but I will tell you that you are mistaken,” said Pogisho.



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