Namanga Businessman Under Investigation After Release – Police

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

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A Kenyan businessman arrested at gunpoint by Tanzanian policemen in Namanga town on Tuesday has been released after 12 hours of torture in Arusha town.

Mohamed Bashir finally released by Tanzanian police after 12 hours of beating.

But Kenyan authorities say the businessman is under investigations by DCI over Tanzanian claims he is suspected to be a member of human trafficking cartel.

Kajiado Central Sub County Police Commander, Issa Mohamed, said Mohamed Bashir is free for now as investigations on the basis of the Tanzanian allegations touching on human trafficking are going on.

“It is true DCI has taken up the matter for investigation. When we get such claims, we countercheck thoroughly because we have security commitments with our neighbours on matters of human trafficking, terrorism, and the likes because we know their effect on the peace we are enjoying now,” said Mohamed.

Bashir,33, said on Saturday he was ‘kidnapped’ by seven-member special Tanzanian police squad dubbed “Usalama wa Taifa” as soon as he closed business at his wholesale shop in Namanga and taken to Arusha, Tanzania.

Youth in Namanga on Wednesday demanding release of Mohamed Bashir.

“As as we crossed the border into Tanzania, the officers started raining blows on me as others used their pistols to hit my knees, forehead, and back. I bled profusely as they beat me without talking or asking questions,” said Bashir.

Bashir said the journey from Namanga to Arusha (104 km) was “hell on earth” as men from special Tanzanian police squad beat him up.

“As we arrived in Arusha, I head their leader say – let us drive to our headquarters, which is another 20 km out of Arusha where I was taken to a dark lit room for questioning. They asked me to identify myself, and I told them my name as Mohamed Bashir. As soon as I did that, I received a king-size slap across my face,” said Bashir.

He claimed the officer was irked by the answer because all along he knew they had arrested a man in the name of Jamal.

“They continued beating me up saying I am lying that I was not Jamal. I pleaded with them to return me back to Kenya so I could show them my identification documents, but they were not ready to listen,” said Bashir.

The businessman said the officers locked him in a small dingy cage, the size Saloon’s car boot, until the next day on Wednesday afternoon, when they released him.

“They told me to go back to Kenya and not to tell anyone that I was tortured after they took away my jumper jacket filled with blood stains. Four of them drove me back to the Namanga border in the same Prado TX car,” said Bashir, who is undergoing a medical check-up at Nairobi East Hospital in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

The businessman said that on crossing to Kenya, CDI officers took him to Kajiado for questioning and to understand why I had been arrested by Tanzanian authorities.

While he was at the DCI offices in Kajiado town, Bashir said, Tanzanian Immigration officials arrived from Namanga border town with some documents indicating he was arrested inside the neighbouring country in connection with human trafficking.

“The Kenyan authorities asked for my travel documents and national ID, which I presented to them. After several hours of consultation, I was told my matter had been forwarded to DCI headquarters in Kiambu for further review,” said the businessman.

Bashir said he was later returned his documents after he complained to the DCI officers that he was kidnapped as he was closing his family business premise on Tuesday evening. He said the last time he crossed to Tanzania was in 2013.

He said he is yet to collect a P3 form from Namanga police station with a view to suing Tanzanian authorities for “illegal” arrest and detention.

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