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Let Us Meet in 2022, Politician Karaine Tells Governor Lenku

Kajiado East Jubilee politician Nixon Karaine today poked holes into governor Joseph Lenku’s administration by claiming it is dogged by nepotism and clanism.

Politician Nixon Karaine. PHOTO/KNU.

Karaine claimed the governor completely ignored Kitengela Ward which gave him a lot of votes more than any other in the county.

“It is shameful on his part to ignore the people who unanimously voted for him. He employed more than 70 workers from his Lenkisim/Entonet Ward with 10, 386 votes against Kitengela’s 36, 831voters,” said Karaine.

He claimed the governor has continued to ignore those walked with him in the last general election to concentrate on his Lenkisim village.

The politician further claimed the governor has pocketed the county public service board and now directing it to employ people from his backyard.

VIDEO – Nixon Karaine Speaks.

He gave the example of people the governor has employed from Dalalekutuk Ward, which had only 14, 309 voters, saying the speaker of the county assembly, Johnson Osoi, acting chair of county public service board, acting County Secretary, Trade CEC, CO – Lands, governor’s delivery unit director and Kajiado West director of revenue comes.

“Where are we, as Kitengela Ward residents, placed by this Lenku’s administration which has even failed to connect town people with piped water,” claimed Karaine.

The politician said recent announcement made by governor Lenku to the effect the people of Kitengela would get water from Kiosks has degraded his voters.

“If he is not going to listen to us, we have no option in 2022 but to send him home. Let him employ qualified people from my ward regardless of their tribe and political affiliation. I do not want him to give me a job, but I am fighting for my people to be employed,” said he.

He claimed that when Lenku took over as governor, Kitengela Ward had one director of communication and Water Director who he fired.

“We now have 6 junior workers that include messengers and askaris from this Ward. This is a total shame,” lamented Karaine.



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