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Kiambu People Are Sober Now, Says First Lady Wangare

Kiambu First Lady Susan Wangare has praised her husband, Governor Ferdinand Waititu, for ‘saving’ his county youth from habitual alcoholism.

Lavish birthday party for one of the oldest man in Kajiado, Mzee James Kashorda, 105 (second left). Photo/KNU.

Wangare made the remark in Olkeri Ward in Kajiado County on Saturday when she joined hundreds of guests who attended Mzee James Kashorda’s 105th birth day at his home.

The Kiambu County First Lady said; “I think you people from Kajiado may have been seeing or hearing what we do in Kiambu. Our job is to push things to happen until they are straightened up,” said Wangare.

“We are excited because things are happening after we were able to bring back our children who had been swallowed by alcoholisms. We are also happy that we are leading sober people,” she said amid thunderous applauses.

Several speakers address guests at Mzee James Kashorda’s home in Olkeri, Kajiado County on March 23. VIDEO/KNU

She said as a family led by Waititu, they have been able to succeed in taming alcohol which had made the children of Kiambu to run away from schools. “Our schools had been filled by children from other counties. Our children had become zombies because of untamed sale of alcohol to children,” she added.

Kashorda, who had addressed the guests earlier, stood for close to 30 minutes as he preached and prayed for the visitors as he was assisted by someone who was holding a microphone for him.

He amazed all and sundry in his birth day when he preached peace and quoted the bible verbatim.

“At my age, I can read newspapers, shower and dress myself because I am still strong. My only small problem is hearing impairment because those talking to me must shout,” said Kashorda as he received a standing ovation from the crowd.

He has 25 grandchildren, who joined him on his Saturday’s bash. His two wives died of natural causes.

Among those who graced his birthday included Kiambu governor, Waititu, Kimani wa Nyoike, Kajiado North MP, Joseph Manje, former KQ CEO, Titus Naikuni and a host of other guests from Kiambu and Kajiado.

Kashorda, while narrating his story, said he moved to Ongata Rongai for the first time when he was 12 years in 1926, and that he could remember vividly what happened in February of that year when his fellow boys picked a metallic object from the fields as they herded their livestock.

“The boys picked the object and as we were at our manyata that evening one of the boys threw it in the fire when I had walked away to relief myself. The object blew off and wiped the entire manyata. My father and brother survived with injuries,” he said as he looked up the crowd.

Nyoike said he saw Kashorda for the first time in 1948 when he visited his home with and bought him a pancake.

“I was a little boy and did not know that Kashorda wanted to marry our elder sister that year. Later on we came to attend their wedding here in Olkeri that same year where I saw the late President Jomo Kenyatta arrived at the venue on a motorbike,” said he.



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