Kanchori Forgives His Boss Over Rigging Confession Remark

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Former Oloosirkon MCA Daniel Kanchori says he has forgiven Governor Joseph Lenku for confessing he manipulated his exit in speaker’s race in 2017.

Governor Joseph Lenku (left) and his PA, daniel Kanchori during the latter’s thanksgiving in Enkasiti, near Kitengela. PHOTO/COURTESY.

Kanchori, who called KNU Online on Thursday, said his fears had been confirmed when Lenku went public and confessed he rigged him out of the speaker’s race after the last general election.

“I have forgiven our governor and those others who worked together to ensure I could not become the next speaker. The governor means well by confessing because we are now closer than before. I am not harbouring any hate,” said Kanchori.

On Tuesday Governor Lenku revealed, for the first time, how he rigged out the former MCA from winning the speaker’s seat election in 2017. Kanchori had the support of 21 elected MCAs against his opponent’s.

Speaking for the first time about what he termed as “’tuligoroga maneno” (we rigged him out) in reference to Kanchori, Lenku confessed he was to become the next Kajiado assembly speaker.

“As Jubilee fraternity, it dawned on us that the person we did not want was actually the most popular in the race against his opponent, and the current speaker Johnson Osoi. We decided that we will bring him down,” confessed Lenku.

The governor was speaking at Kanchori’s thanksgiving ceremony at his Enkasiti home on Wednesday when he claimed to have manipulated “things” to ensure the man he did not want was kicked out of the race.

He said Kanchori would have beaten the current speaker, Osoi, hands down had he not intervened to ensure the former Oloosirkon MCA does not become the next speaker. He did not give details on why Jubilee did not like Kanchori at the time.

Surprisingly, Kanchori, who among the new lawyers admitted to advocates’ roll last week by Supreme Court President Justice David Maraga, is now the governor’s personal assistant.

Kanchori is the man in charge of the governor’s itinerary in and outside the county. The former MCA, who is currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree, is considered the most educated aide of governor Lenku.

Governor Lenku said; “It is good to confess so that the past can forgive you. I also passed through many hurdles to reach where I am.”

“In 1987 when I was in Nakuru High School I lost the seat of school captain, and as fate would follow me in 1993 while I was at Utalii College I sought to be elected as a student leader but lost miserably and only managed one vote,” said Lenku.

He went on; “In 2003 after the demise of Kajiado South MP, Geoffrey Parpai, I contested in a by-election and came a miserable sixth. I was later appointed Interior CS and you know how politics played out on me and I lost my position in government in government. You also know what newspaper had on their headlines after I came down.”

He advised those seeking electoral position s not to give up because he believes that failing for the first, second and even a third time does not demoralize one but gives great encouragement.

The governor told other guests present including nominated Mary Seneta that an MP in the county has been discrediting his development agenda for the past five months.

“She is our drama queen of the county and there is no need of mentioning names. She has been discrediting my effort to bring fresh water for Kitengela people. When the national government came to assist us to get fresh water from Nairobi, she went out shouting the loudest saying it is her effort,” claimed Lenku.

He also claimed he has negotiated with some donors and received money that will be used to build the Enkasiti/Birrika road and cautioned area residents to be on the lookout because the “drama queen” might also go there to claim credit.

The governor said he will go to any length to ensure all the people of Kajiado get development in their wards.

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