Circumcised Wife Rejected By Sexually “Unsatisfied” Husband

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

A Kajiado woman is reeling in depression after her husband allegedly kicked her out of wedlock on allegations she is not satisfying him sexually.

Unrelated photo of Kajiado women converge at a politician’s house in Kitengela prior to last general election. Photo-KNU.

The woman, whose name we cannot disclose, told her agonizing story to KNU online on Monday saying it has weighed her down morally and mentally.

“Trouble started in April 2014 when my husband came home at night and told me that she is tired living with a woman who is circumcised. He said my private parts had been interfered with to the extent that I cannot satisfy him in bed,” said the woman amid sobs.

She went on: “He did that every day until another day when he opened my legs and spit in my private parts and said he has got another young woman who is not circumcised, and who has all a man will admire.”

The woman, who is now teaching in an academy, said at first when her abusive husband spat on her private parts, she excused him because he appeared drunk.

The man, she said, repeatedly beat her and when she reported the matter to her parents in law, they turned a deaf ear on her.

“One day he came home drunk and told me to leave his house and leave my two children with him. When I asked questions, he took out a knife and told me if I ask more questions he will enlarge my private parts using the knife,” said the woman.

She said after the man persisted that he wanted space so he can bring in another woman who he claimed was from Ukambani, she told him she was ready to live with his new wife.

The man, she said, would not buy the idea of her staying with his new Kamba wife. She left her matrimonial home in January 2015.

Two years after leaving her matrimonial home, the woman received information that her husband and her new wife were not taking her children to school and was advised by her close friends to seek help from International Federation of Women Lawyers.

In August 2018 she was allowed custody of her two children, who she has enrolled in an academy in Kitengela. She said she spends all her earnings on their fees and rent.

Asked why she took her too long to tell her story, the woman said she feared to make her story public for fear that the man would follow and kill her.

She showed the Star some threatening message she received from her husband and which she later handed over to Kitengela Police Station.

“He was arrested and stayed in custody for one day. His parents came to plead with me to withdraw the case and I did that because I did not want more trouble from the man,” she said.

The woman teacher said she has received reports that the woman she was left for by her husband has since left after making him sell part of the 32 acres the family owned.

Interestingly, both the man and the complainant, in this case, are Maasai. She was married off by her parents to the man, who was 43 years after she had completed her Form 4 at 22 years.

“When he married me, he was aware that I had undergone female genital mutilation. He sired two children with me and nine years later he pretended as if he did not know my status,” said her.

She said she knows her story is weird but she wants to make the whole world know what some Maasai women undergo after “passing through the knife”.

“Very many women are traumatized because of this FGM. Look at me now I have left my matrimonial home because of it. The man had given out cows to my parents before the wedding in appreciation of me and we had a traditional wedding,” said her.

The woman is now 33 years and says she will never go back to her abusive husband despite her economic challenges.

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