Lenku Has Government’s Goodwill, Use It Well -Nkedianye

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Former governor David Nkedianye has told Governor Joseph Lenku he will ruin his career if he fails to deliver with the support he enjoys.

From left is Jubilee nominated MCA, Yvonne Tonkei, Tarayia ole Kores, MP Peris Tobiko, Shadrack Saibulu and former governor David Nkedianye in Loitokitok town on Saturday. Photo/Robert Maasai.

Nkedianye, who spoke in Loitokitok on Saturday evening, said he is already hearing lamentations from the general public on his leadership.

He told more than 5,000 guests who thronged a thanksgiving for ODM politician, Shadrack Saibulu alias Wenger, that after his election in 2013 he served all and sundry by building roads, schools, hospitals and providing them with water the support of county assembly and the national government.

Saibulu recently graduated from Kenyatta University and had invited guests to celebrate his academic achievement in Loitokitok town.

“I drove a bus carrying all those who voted and others who never for five years without a turnboy but delivered them safely. I was despised by the county assembly and the national government because I was an opposition governor,” said Nkedianye.

Nkedianye said he operated as governor like a herder guarding ten goats and is surrounded by 20 wild dogs.

He told Lenku, who was not present, that he has the support he requires taking the county to another level of development but people have started lamenting that all is not good because no new developments are being initiated.

“When I handed Lenku power in 2017, I had initiated very many projects which most of them had been completed. I made his leadership easy unlike the time when I came in to find no single road in place,” said the former governor.

He said the people of Kajiado are waiting to see Lenku’s at the end of his first term before deciding to give him another chance for the second term or elect another person.

Other leaders who accompanied Nkedianye included; former Olkejuado County Council chairman, Tarayia ole Kores and Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko. The two have been critical of governor Lenku’s leadership and grabbing every opportunity to criticise the county CEO.

Kores said God does not eat ugali, which he interpreted to mean that the God above is not human and has plans for his people.”He sees bad leaders and will punish them through the ballot. I lost the last election because my vote was stolen through manipulation of an electoral system,” said Kores.

Tobiko spoke in Maasai throughout her speech before leaving the venue.

“Those who want that seat are many. We have Kores, MP Tobiko and many others who you will see coming up but we will sit down and agree on who will face their only opponent when the time comes. For now, support your governor until the end of his time so that you can evaluate his tenure,” he said.

Nkedianye spoke while governor Lenku was expected several meters away at Loitokitok market to launch new stalls.

By the end of the ceremony, the governor had not turned up to launch the stalls and was said to have gone to Kimana to inspect a health centre.

The governor is in Kajiado South Sub County to inspect county government projects. He was there for five days until Sunday when his tour of duty ended.

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